May 30, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat center Greg Oden (middle) hoists the conference championship trophy after defeating the Indiana Pacers in game six of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Finals 2014: Greg Oden says he's ready to play if Miami Heat need him

Greg Oden is four games away from winning an NBA title. That’s a sentence no one in the world thought they’d ever be uttering unless it was followed by ‘and then he woke up’. But you can rub your eyes all you want, Greg Oden being a world champion is a reality we very well may all very soon have to get used to.

Oden spoke with USA Today Sports and noted that while he’s been questionably useful over his career, he’s going to step up and perform in the Finals if called upon, as this is the highest peak he could have hoped to reach.

He said he’s ready to go if Heat coach Erik Spoelstra needs him.

“I want to win the finals,” Oden said. “I’m here. Later on down the line, nobody is going to remember who lost. They’re only going to remember the champion. So that’s the No. 1 thing.”

It seems that we’re all pretty much skipping over the Greg Oden angle to this story, as if the Heat win a title Greg Oden is going to be a wold champion. Greg Oden, picture in the dictionary next to the word ‘Draft Bust’, the guy we all want to avoid in the NBA Draft, is going to be a member and possible contributor to a championship team.

Winning a title won’t absolve Oden of his draft bust status, but it would just serve as a hilarious footnote and prove that life really does work in it’s own, confusing way.

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