Payback ended up being the end of Daniel Bryan's title reign as his neck injury will sideline him from Money in the Bank. Photo credit:

Daniel Bryan scheduled for RAW next week

This week’s Main Event broadcast revealed that Daniel Bryan will appear on RAW next Monday to respond to Stephanie McMahon’s statements regarding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Over the last few weeks, the WWE “principle owner” has attempted to flex (pretty much abuse) her authority in doing “what’s best for business”, and that’s ultimately trying her damnedest to, not necessarily strip Bryan of the title, but to force him to give it up.

In the go-home RAW before Payback, Stephanie gave Bryan an ultimatum. It was either relinquish the belts or she would fire his wife Brie Bella. In a rare promo segment on a pay-per-view, Stephanie came to the ring at Payback to hear Bryan’s response to her ultimatum.

With his wife in tow, Bryan came to the ring and refused to hand over the belts, at Stephanie’s behest. Poised to deliver the words “YOU’RE FIRED” to Brie, the Bella twin screams, “You can’t fire me because I QUIT!”. Amused, Stephanie giggled giddily and subsequently received a cocked-back slap across the face from Brie and shockingly retreats to the back.

Obviously this can’t be good for Bryan’s future, as Stephanie appeared once again this past Monday on RAW to urge Bryan to give up the titles. The WWE and the fans deserve a “fighting champion” and Bryan is physically unable to do that.

John Cena strangely gets involved in this fray to the defense of the absent Daniel Bryan, explaining to Stephanie that the title is bigger than anyone and that Bryan is holding onto them out of fear he will never get a chance at them again, because he was held back by The Authority for so long before he got his chance.

The exchange between Cena and Stephanie was odd and didn’t seem to have much purpose other than being a time filler, but we did discover the plans for the WWE title. Two scenarios that either have Bryan defending the belts if he’s able to against Kane in a stretcher match, or the titles will be vacated and put on the line in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the namesake pay-per-view.

We’ll see what Bryan has to say to all of this come Monday night.







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