Feb 21, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; Detroit Tiger pitcher Justin Verlander and model Kate Upton watch as the Orlando Magic beat the New York Knicks 129-121 in double overtime at Amway Center. Afflalo had a team-high 33 points. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Kate Upton in war of words with Los Angeles golf course

While Kate Upton is a well known sports fan, I didn’t really imagine the swimsuit model ever hitting the golf links. But now that we know she does, I’m sure to have my binoculars out next time she hits the Los Angeles area, which she seemingly did recently though was allegedly rebuffed from her tee time.

Why? Because she’s a woman.

Sound a little odd? That’s because it is.

Let’s start with the back story. Upton apparently decided she wanted to hit some balls at the Los Angeles Country Club, or at the least, the topic was brought up. Somewhere along the line she was informed by somebody who told her that the club wouldn’t allow women to tee off until noon, because you, WE’RE MEN AND HEAR US ROAR.

That’s when Upton went to Twitter and posted the following message:

“I just heard that Los Angeles Country Club doesn’t allow women to golf until noon.That is the most insulting news I’ve heard! It’s 2014″

Of course, to anybody paying attention that sounded somewhat silly and the Los Angeles Country Club confirmed such suspicions today via the Golf Channel, saying no such rule is in place nor has it been.

According to LACC General Manager Kirk Reese, “(Women not being allowed to play before noon) is absolutely not true,” and the club “has had female members since 1898.”

Now granted, it’s not outlandish to assume such on Upton’s part because sadly, there are some golf clubs around the country who do have such rules but the Los Angeles Country Club is not one of them.

Hopefully Miss Upton and the club can resolve their issues with a tee time in the future (which somebody will be kind enough to inform me of so I can have the cameras ready, of course).


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