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Matthew McConaughey watches Redskins practice (Photo)

Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey (yes it still sounds weird to say) popped up at Redskins OTAs on Wednesday to check out practice and possibly help the guys with a little of that Wolf of Wall Street chest-thumping motivational jive. Yes, he kept his shirt on the whole time. This is the new mature Matthew McConaughey. He doesn’t feel the need to always take his shirt off. Just sometimes.

Here we see Matthew checking in with DeSean Jackson. A pop culture moment for the ages.

Yes, Matthew had no problem getting his picture taken with Daniel Snyder. I’m sure this will go over great with his Hollywood liberal friends.

Do note however that McConaughey is wearing a t-shirt with the “R” logo instead of the Indian head logo. The “R” logo is by far the less offensive of the two logos. Of course the name remains stupendously offensive, but that’s not Matthew’s problem. That’s Daniel Snyder’s problem. And if you believe Snyder, it’s a problem that’s not really a problem.

Really, if you believe Snyder, it’s everyone else’s problem. Which is baloney because it’s ultimately his problem, and he’ll figure that out when he starts losing money.

Here’s McConaughey watching practice with Doug Williams. Oh that studly studly man. And McConaughey’s not bad either I guess. (Line up your True Detective Season 2 bits).

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