NFL reveals Super Bowl 50 logo, Roman numerals to be dropped (Photo)

The NFL has revealed for the first time what the logo for Super Bowl 50 will be and it’s a logo that both says nothing at all while managing to include something that is going to be  major talker in the coming days.

For the first time, the NFL will be dropping the roman numerals from the logo and going with just straight numbers. In past years the Roman numerals have been used to give each game a distinct yet uniform quality when it came to the logo but seeing at 50 translates to the Roman numeral ‘L’, it’s a good thing that we’re switching things up.

ESPN’s business guru Darren Rovell broke the news of the logo change on Twitter.

Traditionalists may be a little upset with the change as never before have we referred to a Super Bowl without the Roman Numeral. It’s really not that big of a deal when you think about it and it’s also not as though it’s a permanent thing. According to Rovell, the NFL will be going back to the Roman numerals for Super Bowl 51, which will be Super Bowl LI.

But for the 2016 Super Bowl in San Francisco, things will be done differently which actually helps tie together the theme of the city as San Francisco has always different in the way they do things and having a unique Super Bowl logo for a Unique city makes a lot of accidental sense.

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