Mar 16, 2014; Melbourne, FL, USA; A fan hands a baseball to a Detroit Tigers player for an autograph before in spring training action against the Washington Nationals at Space Coast Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Tigers fan snags foul ball while talking on cell phone (Video)

Modern technology is causing fans to have to evolve in all sorts of interesting ways. For instance, back in the day you never had to worry about trying to snag a foul ball while holding on to your cell phone. Maybe you had a beer in your hand, possibly a hot dog, a bucket of popcorn – something you didn’t mind losing in your quest to snag the foul ball. But not an expensive electronic device.

Obviously, you’re not going to put down the cell phone to free up your other hand for catching the ball. Because the phone is either going to get destroyed or stolen. And forget about trying to get it in your pocket. Try sticking something in your pocket while keeping your eye on a flying baseball. It can’t be done.

The modern fan has only one choice in this situation: Catch the ball one handed while holding on to the cell phone. This Tigers fan shows how this can easily be achieved with a little concentration and a glove. Boom. Ball caught, cell phone in hand, conversation uninterrupted.

Fandom circa 2014. It is a strange new world, but it’s possible to adapt. You just have to perfect some new skills. And yes, bring a glove. It never hurts.

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