Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) walks off the field after defeating the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Was Tony Romo worth the money?

The Cowboys have already adjusted Tony Romo’s contract this offseason. They converted $12.5 of Romo’s $13.5 million dollar base salary into a signing bonus, freeing up salary cap space while guaranteeing Romo more money. Now, reporter Calvin Watkins is second guessing Romo’s contract.

His six-year $108 million dollar deal was a hefty cost in a nominal sense, but also behind the scenes to their cap room. Is there really as difference? Definitely.

Look at all the buzzing about Colin Kaepernick’s contract. He’s “guaranteed” $60 million. But not really. He’s really guaranteed $13 million, as per Pro Football Talk‘s Mike Florio. The $60 million dollars is guaranteed through injury, but the 49ers could cut him at any time and not pay him any of the $60 million. And Kaepernick is paying an absurd sum for injury insurance. The 49ers have wiggle room as soon as next season. The Cowboys are married to Romo until 2016 or a colossal meltdown.

Kaepnick’s contract set a bizarre precedent for quarterback contracts. Teams can put “big” money on their franchise player without any risk. But that’s the issue for Dallas. Kaepernick’s contract is setting the precedent. If the NFL is really moving towards mobile quarterbacks, then they are going to protect themselves from that quarterback getting hit often. Romo’s contract was drawn up before this contract and he’s not exactly a part of the mobile-QB-movement. Tony Romo gets hit often, but not because he’s mobile. It’s because Dallas’ line is awful.

Romo was the best quarterback the Cowboys were going to get unless they wanted to start over in the draft. Ask Jacksonville, Cleveland and Oakland how that’s been going. The Cowboys spent their money on a solid quarterback, and though he’s dealing with an injury, he should be back in time for training camp. Don’t second guess Romo. He’s solid.

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  • brian basile

    “Tony Romo gets hit often, but not because he’s mobile. It’s because Dallas’ line is awful.”

    Lets hope that becomes was….Looking good…

  • David

    Ask yourself this question and you will have your answers about Romo. How many games do the Cowboys win over the last few years with a terrible defense, terrible O-line although last year was better and a HC that has been just ok to bad and no Romo.

  • SmartThinking


  • Rod Davis

    The Kaepernick, Romo contract comparison is totally apples to oranges. Leave it to Calvin Watkins to continuously beat on a dead horse in a pitiful attempt to generate some interest in his sophomoric writing skills.

  • Jack Farguson

    If Tony wasn’t a mobile quarterback he would have been hit a lot more. He started as a mobile qb but was asked to be a pocket passer.