Jun 6, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra answers questions during a news conference at Spurs Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Erik Spoelstra wants San Antonio Spurs fined if air conditioning isn't ready for Game 2

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra won’t blame the malfunctioning air conditioning system for the 110-95 Game 1 loss on Thursday night, but if that same situation presents itself again on Sunday for Game 2, he wants severe action to take place.

During a press conference on Friday at the Spurs’ practice facility, Spoelstra said the NBA should fine the Spurs if the A/C isn’t working at full capacity by the time Game 2 rolls though, per Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated:

We’re not making any excuses for it. It was an extreme, unfortunate situation for both teams. It probably won’t happen again, ever. Now, we might have to deal with the absolute opposite in Game 7, who knows. It will be 55 degrees in the arena, unless they don’t get it fixed, which if they don’t, there should be a fine.

Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express reported earlier that the A/C will be good to go for Game 2, so Spoelstra should have one less thing to worry about on Sunday.

The Spurs organization released a second statement, confirming the aforementioned report:

“The electrical failure that caused the AC system outage during Game 1 of the NBA Finals has been repaired. The AC system has been tested, is fully operational and will continue to be monitored. The upcoming events at the AT&T Center, including the Romeo Santos concert tonight, the Stars game on Saturday night and Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, will go on as scheduled.”

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Fined? …. LMAO…What are you a high school girl? …. this guy is a leader of men !
    Heat fans this is your head coach at work, How about being a man Erik and saying, if the A/C is not working by game 2 we are not taking the floor… I will not Subject my players to those conditions… Lebron not only has to see the opponents best defender ever night, he sees double and triple teams, while carrying 12 players on his back but he has to deal with an inept head coach and a worse G.M.

    Last night reinforces what i felt about Erik, he is a below maybe average coach on his best nights… i wont mention after the A/C went out how Erik only played 4 guys off his bench, i wont mention how Erik had zero presence on the floor inside allowing splitter to score 9 straight points and Duncan to go 9/10 from the field saying all that The Heat still had the lead with 7 minutes to go no thanks to Erik…. When Lebron went out i knew the Heat would lose because Erik has never won the Heat a game with his coaching, it’s Lebron or bust with this guy and where were the other Superstars / Super friends and hall of Famers Lebron went to join?, (oh now i get it , When Lebron wins, its the refs and Super team but when the Heat lose it Lebron’s fault) you would think the Super friends could keep a game close for 7 minutes, these guys actually STOPPED guarding players….lol Their attitude was we will lose anyways so why try.

    I love how many people have different accounts ready to bash Miami, i understand being a keyboard coward and not forced to put your name on anything BUT to have another account for your already fake identity , really proves how many losers we are truly surrounded by !…

    If you are one of those who needs to tune into a broadcast or radio show to hear that person crush Lebron because you know they will, it shows what he / she in the media thinks about your intelligence level, not very highly, why waste time giving the facts of the game, which coach messed up? what players disappeared? when you will get a lot more morons hanging on your every word and make more money by crushing the most polarizing person for leaving the game with cramps !

  • Raymond A Ramirez

    Erik Spoelstra, Do you want some cheese with that Whine? Like I said the second biggest fraud after Phil Jackson.

    • Real M-Fing talk !!!

      Thank you and Amen to that !!!
      you are telling me Erik went from a first and second round exist coach to a 4 straight finals head coach winning 2 and maybe 3 rings….
      How many 60-66 games has Mike Brown won since Lebron left… the only thing Mike Brown has manage to do is get fired twice !