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NBA Rumors: Orlando Magic not expected to pursue top free agents

The Orlando Magic are looking at this upcoming offseason as one that can help set the franchise right and steer them in the right direction moving forward.

Orlando has two lottery picks to play with this year and will be picking out or trading away one or two of the best prospects in the draft class. But while the draft is going to be exciting for fans wanting to see Orlando land top players to speed up the rebuilding process, there are other reasons to be excited as  a Magic fan this summer.

According to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel, expecting the Magic to be aggressive in free agency puts you on the right track but the end of the line is far before Orlando gets anywhere near top tier free agents looking for max deals.

The Orlando Magic could have as much as $22.7 million in available salary cap space to use this summer in free agency.

But you shouldn’t expect the Magic to make a major free-agent splash.

After wading into the “kiddie pool” last summer, the team will be more aggressive this July. But it almost certainly won’t go after a maximum-salary free agent. Put it this way: If the worst available free agent this summer would rate as a “1” and LeBron James would rate as a “10,” then the Magic likely will go after a 5 or a 6.

In other words, the Magic have money to spend and likely plan on spending it but just not all in one place. There has been talk of Luol Deng possibly being on the Magic’s radar as well as other free agents looking for good deals but not max deals.

The draft will be key for the Magic, especially in the sales pitch they give free agents this summer. If the team drafts well, they can make themselves a destination but if they screw it, then that $22.7 million will be spent convincing fans everything will be alright when it might not be.

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    They’ll land Isiaiah Thomas or Mario Chalmers this summer…