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Rashad McCants says Roy Williams knows his players cheat in class

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It’s unfortunately no secret that college students who also happen to be athletes tend to skate around the rules of academia in order to remain eligible for the sole purpose of the reason they were brought to school — not to learn but to make the university lots of money. College basketball and college football are the most egregiously guilty parties when it comes to students cheating so that they remain eligible to play and yet another voice is speaking up.

According to ESPN’s Outside the Lines, former North Carolina Tar Heels star basketball player Rashad McCants has admitted that he had tutors write his papers for him while he was in school and noted that he rarely attended any of the classes he was enrolled in.

To boot, McCants says that head coach Roy Williams knew about not only his academic violations but knew that McCants wasn’t the only player on the team being shady about their education.

McCants told “Outside the Lines” that he could have been academically ineligible to play during the championship season had he not been provided the assistance. Further, he said head basketball coach Roy Williams knew about the “paper-class” system at UNC. The so-called paper classes didn’t require students to go to class; rather, students were required to submit only one term paper to receive a grade.

This furthers the image that the NCAA has of being more of a mob business than a support system for student-athlete education. There is a stigma about the NCAA that it’s more about making money than teaching young men how to be successful in life and stories like this make that a hard stance to argue.

McCants even noted that he was on the Dean’s List in 2005 despite never going to class and handing in work that wasn’t his, which just goes to show how big a joke the NCAA is and just how much power they have to make sure things they don’t want seen indeed go unseen.

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