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Jun 7, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Miguel Cotto reacts after a TKO against Sergio Martinez in the tenth round of WBC World Middleweight fight at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Martinez vs. Cotto results: Miguel Cotto defeats Sergio Martinez to win WBC middleweight championship (GIFs)

Saturday night inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez met in the ring and when it was all said and done, Miguel Cotto won the WBC middleweight championship of the world when Martinez was unable to continue after the 9th round.

Here are the highlights of the event from this evening:

Round 1: After coming out and trading some jabs early on and feeling each other out, Martinez went down early from a shot by Cotto. Not long after getting up, Cotto would put Martinez down two more times. With no three-knockdown rule, Martinez is safe from losing the fight that way, but he might not be safe for too much longer. Not many people expected that sort of round out of Cotto, this early, coming into this one.

Round 2: Sergio comes out in the second round and you could just tell by his knees that he’s just about out of it. However, he made it out somehow.

Round 3: Cotto catches Martinez with a hook against the ropes early. Martinez looks as if he might be getting his legs back just a bit if he could stay away from Cotto, and he’s even starting to land a little more. Martinez definitely won that round, which considering that horrible first, might be a miracle.

Round 4: The two do more of the feeling out in this one, trading some fairly even blows.

Round 5: Once again both guys land some stiff shots on one another, it’s amazing that Martinez was able to come back like this.

Round 6: Cotto is getting more aggressive as the fight goes on. At the end of the round, though, when Cotto hears the 10-second hammer he starts to nonchalantly walk away and Martinez almost catches him.

So far, Cotto has taken every round but three.

Round 7: Martinez lands two left jabs early in the round. With under a minute to go in the round, Cotto buckles Martinez’s knees with a right hand; they’re getting wobbly again. Another round for Cotto.

Round 8: With about a minute to go in the round, the two trade straight lefts, with Cotto landing just a little better, of course. Martinez slips twice in this round. Right after the hammer sounds, Cotto lands a nice right hand.

Round 9: Martinez comes out firing with that left again. Not long after, though, Cotto nails him with a straight right and then a vicious uppercut. Cotto landed a plethora of punches, buckling Martinez’s knees some more and nearly making him hit the canvas again. Martinez is getting weaker as this goes on now.

Right before the 10th is to start, Martinez can’t come out and that’s it, the fight is over. Miguel Cotto is the WBC Middleweight Champion.

New champion:

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