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Jun 6, 2014; Paris, France; Rafael Nadal (ESP) celebrates recording match point in his match against Andy Murray (GBR) on day 13 at the 2014 French Open at Roland Garros. Mandatory Credit: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Rafael Nadal's sister gets really excited, slaps their mom (Video)

Things happen in the heat of competition. Even if you’re just in the stands watching the competition, sometimes things can get really crazy. Sometimes you can get so excited that you slap your own mother in the face.

Like this morning when Rafael Nadal’s sister Maria celebrated his breaking Novak Djokovic’s serve by giving their mom Ana a little smack.

People have different ways of celebrating. Some cheer. Some pump their fist. Some physically abuse the woman who brought them into the world.

It’s just the way it is in the Nadal family. You should have seen what happened last Christmas. Everyone was smacking everyone. “Wow thanks mom, what a great gift. Hold still while I sock you in the teeth.” It’s not a Nadal Family Christmas until someone winds up in the hospital with their jaw wired shut.

Imagine when Nadal breaks Roger Ferderer’s record for most majors (it seems inevitable at this point). It will look like a rugby scrum crossed with a Three Stooges convention.

It seems weird to outsiders, but inside the Nadal family, it’s just normal. So don’t judge them too harshly. What looks like horrifying elder abuse to you is for them a really beautiful and natural expression of love. Different families have different ways. Besides, it’s a great way of breaking tension. Try it some time. The next time you’re wound up, find a family member and just smack them.

You didn’t get that idea from me, by the way.

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