Mar 18, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks new president of basketball of operations Phil Jackson is introduced at a press conference at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

According to Rick Fox, Rick Fox is a candidate for the New York Knicks head coaching job

The New York Knicks and Phil Jackson’s plan to have Steve Kerr become the franchise’s next head coach fell apart when Kerr accepted the job in Golden State. Since then, it seems like the Knicks have been focusing their efforts on another former player of Jackson’s–Derek Fisher.

But with nothing having come of that so far, the Knicks likely have other candidates in mind. According to Rick Fox, one of them is Rick Fox–also a former player of Jackson’s.

Talking to Erik Kuselias on NBC Sports Radio, Fox had the following to say:

From Pro Basketball Talk, via NBC Sports Radio:

Erik Kuselias: So is it fair to say you’re a candidate for the Knicks coaching job?

Rick Fox: “Yeah…I’ve been a candidate for while and what I’m comfortable communicating is that there’s really nothing for me to do. Phil has expressed his interest, and the patience for him discovering who is right for that job is left in his court. I know that Phil is as competent a coach as there ever was so that if you’re a Knicks fan, to know that he’s going to find the right person to work with in that capacity has to be comforting to those people and you just let it play out.”

If I’m recalling this story correctly, the only person who has ever floated Rick Fox’s name out as a potential Knicks head coach as been Rick Fox. Now, I’m not saying he’s lying. I’m sure he’s had conversations with Phil and Phil has expressed interest. But I’m going to have to doubt that Jackson is seriously considering Fox as a candidate–at least not as one of his top options.

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