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MLB Power Rankings Week 12: Athletics, Giants separate from the pack

Those two teams in the bay area are flat out dominant.

The Oakland Athletics are 39-24 with a staggering +128 run differential. They have earned that mark with the most runs scored in the American League (327) and the fewest runs allowed (199). We are well past the point where this kind of dominance is a fluke. The Athletics are scary good.

The San Francisco Giants are similarly impressive with their 42-21 win-loss record and +65 differential. Their 278 runs scored ranks third in the National League and their 213 runs allowed is second. Combine that with their uncanny ability to come through in clutch situations and win close games and you begin to understand why the Giants own the largest cushion (9.5 games) of any first place team in baseball.

In this week’s MLB Power Rankings we have those two teams on top, a big confusing mish-mash of near-.500 teams in the middle, and a new team at the bottom.

1. Oakland Athletics Oakland A’s (39-24, no change)

2. San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants (42-21, no change)

3. Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays (38-26, +1)

4. Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels (34-28, +1)

Keep an eye on the Angels, who now have a hot-hitting Josh Hamilton back in their lineup in addition to Mike Trout doing Mike Trout things.

5. Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers (38-26, +1)

6. Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers (33-26, -3)

The Tigers will be fine, but they still need help badly in the bullpen. Just ask Joba Chamberlain


7. Washington Nationals Washington Nationals (32-29, +5)

8. St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals (33-21, no change)

9.  Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers (33-31, no change)

10. Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves (32-29, -3)

11.Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners (33-29, +5)

12. Miami Marlins Miami Marlins (33-30, +2)

13. Texas Rangers Texas Rangers (31-32, no change)

14. New York Yankees New York Yankees (31-31, -4)

15. Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians (32-31, +5)

16. Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles (31-30, -5)

My house, my rules: the Orioles are dropped this far almost strictly because of the impossibly immature actions of Manny Machado this week and how much they bugged me.

17. Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds (29-32, no change)

18. Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox (31-33, +1)

19. Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals (31-32, +3)

20. Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox (28-34, -2)

21. Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies (29-33, -6)

22. Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins (29-32, -1)

Signing free agent first baseman/designated hitter Kendrys Morales was the second weirdest thing the Twins did this week.


23. Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates (29-33, +3)

24. New York Mets New York Mets (28-35, -1)

25. San Diego Padres San Diego Padres (28-35, +1)

26. Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies (25-36, -2)

27. Houston Astros Houston Astros (28-36, +1)

28. Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs (25-35, +2)

29Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks (28-37, no change)

30. Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays (24-40, -6)

Joe Maddon thinks you should still believe in the Rays. What follows are words I never thought I would type: Joe Maddon is dead wrong.

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