NBA Draft Rumors 2014: Teams not concerned about Dante Exum

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Australian point guard Dante Exum is one of the most interesting players in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Very few fans have Exum play (aside from youtube highlights) which has prompted many to question whether or not Exum is worthy of a top-five pick. Many

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders believes teams are not concerned about Exum’s future and has been impressed with Exum when he has seen him play.

There is no sense of concern about Exum any more than exists about Embiid, Parker or Wiggins — they are all four just scratching the surface of their potential. None of them are proven NBA players, all of them have concerns and issues.

As for playing and competition level — Dante has played against a lot of top tier guys, many much older than he is and did well. I think people think because he didn’t log 40 NCAA games that teams haven’t seen him. I personally have seen him play in six games plus scrimmages via Adidas Nations, in which a lot of NBA scouts were there. He also played in Adidas Super 64 that year in Vegas. So he has played a lot of high caliber basketball in places NBA teams scout. So trying to ding him because he didn’t play NCAA is a little unfair, he played everyone he could given his age and has been training in a pro-style training environment in Australia .

Exum measured in at 6’6 and 196 lbs. with a wingspan of 6’9.5. He is slated by most to fall to the Orlando Magic with the fourth-overall selection.

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