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Christian Ponder unlikely to win Minnesota Vikings' quarterback job

At initial glance, you might find the title to this entry to be an example of stating the absolute most obvious in the world of sports. But given the fact that the Minnesota Vikings have declared their quarterback competition this year to be completely open, the status of a former starter needs to be accounted for…especially when his “veteran competition” is Matt Cassel, right?

Christian Ponder, a former first round pick in a moment that will pain Vikings’ fans for years to come, has the same chance to win the starting job in 2014 as Cassel and rookie first-rounder Teddy Bridgewater. Or at least that is technically the case.

Ben Goessling of writes that Ponder is most likely to be the one on the outside looking in:

I don’t see Christian Ponder as having better than an outside chance at the starting job for a couple reasons. First, the Vikings have a clearer stake in their other two quarterbacks — Matt Cassel and Teddy Bridgewater — than they do in Ponder. They signed Cassel to a two-year deal, took Bridgewater in the first round of the draft and will let Ponder become a free agent after this season.

Ponder’s name is mud in Minnesota; such is the pressure that comes with being a first round selection and failing to deliver results. That’s a funny thing, of course: few people had Ponder graded as a first round talent at the time. He probably wasn’t expecting it either. What’s he supposed to do? Ask the Vikings to draft him later?

Regardless, he had his chance at the gig and flopped. Now it is onto Bridgewater, with Cassel possibly providing a bridge and Ponder the odd man out.

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  • Craig Lorenz

    Bored so we write an article that says nothing other that the statements that have been quoted so many times on previous articles on here. Please just dint write an article if there is nothing new or interesting to write it on.

    • Hayden Kane

      I appreciate the comment, Craig. I also disagree. The passage cited above was in response to a fan’s question that ran yesterday morning, so while you find it uninteresting (which you have every right to do) people are still wondering about this topic. Further, I tried to frame it in a different, interesting way – if you believe I failed in that regard, you are welcome to that opinion. But please do not presume to know what my intentions were or that I just wrote it because I was “bored.”

      • Beef Cake

        I would venture to say actual vikings fans know ponders on his way out the door. But I guess this got you a couple or views so what the heck. While we’re on the subject of things that wont happen, how about an article about why Teddy Bridgewater will not start at defensive tackle?

        • Hayden Kane

          I also appreciate your comment, Beef Cake, but not nearly as much as I appreciate the opportunity to take a shot from a guy (or girl) who actually calls himself (or herself) ‘Beef Cake.’

          Like I said, you are welcome to the opinion that this topic is not worth covering. I simply disagree – I read the question as it was posed yesterday and thought I might have an interesting way to present Ponder’s situation, even if the topic has already been discussed. Like the previous comment, you are welcome to the opinion that I failed in that regard.

          Also like the previous comment, I would just ask you to extend me the same courtesy that I asked of Craig – don’t presume to know my intentions in writing about it. Besides…I didn’t realize Christian Ponder was some sort of click bait…

          Finally…I would say that Teddy Bridgewater won’t play D Tackle because he literally didn’t play a single down there in college football. Talk about a lack of experience! You can have that hot take free of charge.

  • Turdd Ferguson

    It’s really sad that Ponder won’t get a fair shake with what are arguably far better coaches than what he entered the league with. There is a laundry list of reasons why Ponder failed, ranging from the lockout, to play calling, to poor WR talent, to just his own poor judgement. We saw flashes of what he could be if he were just more consistent. He’s never going to be a Tom Brady, but you don’t need to be in order to win a Super Bowl, look at Brad Johnson and Russel Wilson (I expect to get some burn comments on that one, but come on, he’s over rated, the D won the super bowl, not the O).

    Thank you for the article.

    • Pete Zebich

      I think Ponder will get a fair shake, but even in OTA’s he hasn’t looked good. Time for him to move on.

  • V. C. Evans Sr.

    What would it hurt to take a look at Vince Young…..
    (NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help this team…even if it’s only to upgrade the team’s quarterback pool…

  • Pete Zebich

    If Ponder starts, 1. A miracle. 2. Injuries