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Hardwood Paroxysm Super-Overreacts to the NBA Finals, Free Agency, and Derek Fisher

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Jun 6, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich answers questions during a news conference at Spurs Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Answer The Damn Questions, Pop

by Robby Kalland (@RKalland)

It’s time to retire the act, Pop.

The tired act of dismissing questions and treating reporters like idiots.

We get it. You’re a curmudgeonly old man whose time can’t be wasted dealing with the lowly media. You’re knowledge is too advanced to answer questions with any civility or tact.

You’re smart and we’re dumb. Is that what you want us to admit?

Fine, there it is. Now can you stop being petty and just do these interviews with some class like the rest of your colleagues? It’s part of the job whether you like it or not.

No one is safe from Pop’s terror. Not top class sideline reporters like Craig Sager or Doria Burke. Not the newspaper beat writers just trying to glean a quote or two for their game story. I’m calling for an end to it.

You say, “Oh it’s just harmless fun.” Or, “If you want better answers ask better questions.”

You think it’s easy? You think just anyone can come up with these questions? Best of luck. Hard-hitting questions like “Talk about how you’ll defend LeBron” and “How important was Danny Green making threes?” don’t just grow on trees, you know. They take years of practice to craft such wonderful questions and most coaches appreciate this and answer them respectfully.

But not Pop.

He thinks he deserves better. He thinks that the questions should actually ask something. He thinks divulging his gameplan to the media is stupid.

Well I think he’s stupid.

We are the ones that make him famous. We write about his team and gush over his success and what do we get in return?


Well guess what? You owe the media, Pop. Big time. Start answering these questions.

Now, talk about Tim Duncan’s post play.

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