May 28, 2014; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterbacks Dennis Dixon (6) (left) , Thad Lewis (9) , EJ Manuel (3) and Jeff Tuel (7) perform a drill during organized team activities at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills hosting Super Bowl in new stadium is unlikely

The Buffalo Bills are looking to find a new owner who will eventually look to build a new stadium in Western New York. The location has been a source of great debate, but that hasn’t been the only source of consternation in the area of late.

Apparently, some people are so excited by the idea of a new stadium that they think the Bills could lure a Super Bowl to town a la Minnesota after they secured funding for a stadium. As a recent article suggests, keep dreaming Buffalo. As if you needed to be reminded that this city is still a century away from such a thing.

Mike Harrington of The Buffalo news writes that there a multitude of factors separating Buffalo from even other smaller cities that have recently been awarded Super Bowls. Cities like Indianapolis and Minneapolis are specifically cited by fervent Bills fans, but as Harrington notes, that’s simply not a fair comparison.

Among the offerings necessary, Harrington writes the city of Buffalo would need, “‘Top-quality’ golf course and bowling lanes. Portable cell towers at team hotels. Loads of free advertising in local media outlets. And, of course, full exemption from all state and local taxes.”

Of course.

Of all the buildings and amenities Buffalo requires, hotels are the most glaring need. Go downtown and try to get a hotel just once and you’ll know what we mean. Harrington adds, “Between covering baseball and hockey, I’ve been to pretty much every large city you can think of. Until last month, Buffalo was about the only one I can think of that didn’t have a single Marriott hotel property in its downtown.”

He is absolutely right on that scale. Remember Tom Brady’s infamous remarks about the hotels in Buffalo? Lost in all the Tom Brady hate rolling through Buffalo at that time was that Tom Brady was entirely correct.

Buffalo is a tiny, wonderful city that deserves to keep its football team. However, the city would have to get a whole lot less tiny and a whole lot more wonderful to even begin to consider itself a Super Bowl host. For now, let’s just shelf the idea and worry about keeping football in Buffalo for another decade before we start talking about grand ideas.

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