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Sep 22, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; A New York Giants helmet lays on the field prior to the start of the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Giants fine players $500 dollars per pound they're overweight

It’s been said that New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin runs a tight ship. But it might be a little too tight, especially if you’re struggling to fit into your pants.

According to defensive back Prince Amukamara, the Giants have a policy that allows the team to fine a player $500 dollars for every pound that they are overweight.

Amukamara informed TMZ about the rule:

“Everyone has to meet a certain weight requirement … and if you are overweight you get fined like $500 a pound.”

On the surface, that actually sounds like a lot and probably is to the young guys on the roster who don’t make a ton of money. But considering the vast majority of players don’t show up to camp over weight by much, if at all, they’re likely only throwing away a $1,000 dollars or so.

Of course, that might not ring true for offensive or defensive linemen who are essentially paid to be big, but they too, like all other players have weight restrictions in their contracts. They, unlike many of their teammates, likely fluctuate in weight difference rather consistently and probably have ran up some larger fines, assuming it’s all true.

The corner says he avoids having to pay the fine by not eating steak. Why you ask? Simply because it’s ‘hard to chew and swallow’.

Amukamara didn’t go on to say where the money from the fines go, though, I’m guessing the Giants put it towards a good cause.

Wonder how much money Jared Lorenzen had to forfeit

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