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NBA Draft 2014: Will the Phoenix Suns keep all of their first round picks?

Thanks to several trades that allowed Phoenix to acquire numerous assets, the Suns have options going into the 2014 NBA Draft. Coming off a season where they missed the playoffs despite winning 49 games,

Kevin Pelton of ESPN.com thinks there’s a less than 50 percent chance the Phoenix Suns retains all three of their first round draft picks in the upcoming draft.

From ESPN.com:

B Mand (Sarasota, FL)

What do you think the chances are that the Suns keep all 3 first round picks?

Kevin Pelton (3:52 PM)

40 percent? The chances of them bringing three first-round picks to training camp this year are much lower, but they could use one or more on European prospects to keep overseas.

Those three first round picks are the 14th pick, 18th pick (via Washington), and the 27th pick (via Indiana). The 14th pick seems the most likely to remain with the team as this draft is expected to be lottery heavy. ESPN draft expert Jeff Goodman has the Suns taking combo guard Zach Lavine at 14 in his latest mock draft. ESPN’s other draft expert in Chad Ford has the Suns taking Kentucky standout James Young at 14 while Draft Express pegs the Suns to take Michigan State combo guard Gary Harris. Each player mentioned is projected to be an immediate impact player and with a need to fill their wing position out, either of these selections are surprises.

But after that, the Suns will surely create a package to net the team an immediate impact player in hopes of making a playoff push in 2014-15. There are benefits for keeping the 18th and 27th overall pick. It allows the team to obtain low contract players who can grow into impact players by the time their rookie contract is up. But with the Western Conference as deep as it is and the future not guaranteed to favor the Suns, that may not be what the organization has in their plans.

Ryan McDonough has done well to put the Suns in a situation where success seems imminent. What he does next will decide how soon that success arrives.

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  • JT3

    After hearing Paul Coro talk on this very subject just yesterday, I say the percentage is closer to 0%. He says the FO have – Quote “NO interest in bringing in three 19 year olds to the team after bringing in two last year”

    Such an emphatic statement coming from Paul Coro can only mean he’s not guessing here but must have heard it from McDonough or maybe even Sarver himself. Since he also added that even tho Sarver is keeping a much lower profile these days, he still is the owner and is still very active in the FO and still has the last word.

    One can only haphazard a guess from those words that Sarver is still in fact remaining true to his own words from years ago that he has no desire to run a rebuilding team, and that I could imagine would be the biggest push for trading up in this draft To grab an impact player or rather Sarver and McD’s first wish would be to trade for a Star such as Kevin Love (Sounds like there goes all our picks again) or maybe even get in on the Melo sweeps (if and when he ops out) if the Love deal drags on all Summer like Coro seems to be strongly suggesting?

    But it sure really is sounding like Suns are trying to get the word out to us, to not count on all three being used (Coro even suggesting that they could trade into a future draft as well) A bit disheartening for me but I always suspected as much since Well..~that’s Bob Sarver~ for you. Plus I know this FO thinks that last years team are objects in mirror that are [as] close as they appear. But I think that last years ride was a bit too much about slippery chemistry that is tricky to duplicate. But it’s too late, Sarver already thinks what he thinks and is going right back to going all in in his Eight Seed or bust mentality. McD maybe the one on the phones and in front of the cameras these days but from the sounds and feel of things Bobby boy is still guiding the direction of his team. So no. I think there is 0 to None chance we land all three rookie prospects on the Sun.