Reds' camouflage jerseys are horrible

I understand sports teams wanting to honor the troops and in all honesty I love that they do. The United States military is filled with selfless people who go into harms ways to defend our freedom and they deserve to be honored.

But for the life of me I can not figure out why they keep trying to honor them with camouflage jerseys.

The Cincinnati Reds are the latest sports team to venture down that camouflage jersey revenue stream to honor our troops, and like the rest of them it looks hideous.

Hideous doesn’t even begin to describe exactly how ugly they are. Not to mention, in what way does this honor our military? Couldn’t the Reds have just given a handful of military families free tickets to the game, or maybe half off everything for anybody with a military ID?


There has never been a good camouflage jersey and there most likely never will be. The only people that should be wearing that design are members of the military, not members of the Cincinnati Reds.

It’s possible I’m entirely off base and many members of the military are honored by these jerseys and appreciate that sports teams do this kind of thing to show their support. I do know that many teams sell camouflage gear to fans and then donate a large sum of the funds towards charity and military efforts.

But it’s impossible to get over just how ugly these things are.

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