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MLB Rumors: Arizona Diamondbacks willing to trade most of their roster

Are you a contending team with a hole on your roster? If so, consider this a hearty recommendation to open up the lines of communication with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Interested in a mediocre starting pitcher? They’ve got you covered. How about a second baseman? The Diamondbacks have that too. Bullpen help? An outfielder? Check and check. If you really want, you can probably trade for manager Kirk Gibson and general manager Kevin Towers.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports presents the following to start the list of available players for the Diamondbacks, a team that is all but guaranteed to be sellers at the deadline.

With new leadership in place in Tony La Russa, we might see a true fire sale with the Diamondbacks. This was a team that thought it was built to win right now; this was a team that considered itself far away from a rebuilding process.

Given the horrid results this season, it is hard to imagine that La Russa sees this as anything other than a rebuilding project. Such a project would likely start, then, by trading veterans and/or high price tag guys to add more young talent and clear a path for the young talent already in the system.

The Diamondbacks presume to be an active trade partner between now and July 31st, with players available at virtually every position you can imagine.

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