Dec 1, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams (93) looks on prior to the game against the Chicago Bears at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Williams rejected Minnesota Vikings contract offer

For the past 11 years defensive tackle Kevin Williams has donned the purple and gold of the Minnesota Vikings, but come the 2014 season he will be a part of something new. After the Vikings finally came in with a late offer to the veteran, he chose to sign with the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks instead.

According to the Chris Tomasson article in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Williams signed a one-year deal worth $2 million for the 2014 season. Last season Williams played in 15 games, tallying 29 tackles, 3.5 sacks, four passes defensed and one interception. He was also a six-time Pro Bowl selection, making five straight Pro Bowl’s between 2006 and 2010.

It appears that Williams’ ultimate motivation for signing with Seattle may have been Minnesota’s unwillingness to extend an offer early in the offseason.

“I played my contract up,” Williams said in a phone interview with the Pioneer Press. “They had a chance to sign me back at the beginning of the offseason, and they didn’t really want to.”

He also appears to be motivated by the chance to play with the reigning Super Bowl champions and his closing window for a ring of his own.

“Just the direction that the team has been going. They’ve got a quarterback (Russell Wilson), and they’re coming off a Super Bowl (win). They’ve got a great young team.”

He also told Tomasson that Minnesota’s lack of consistency in play over the last few seasons didn’t help.

“It’s so uncertain what’s going on in Minnesota,” Williams said. “Who knows? They might win 10 games this year or they could have another season like last year (5-10-1).”

Given Williams’ history, the Seahawks could be getting a bargain price for one of the NFL’s best players over the last decade. But it is up to Williams to show he isn’t on the downside of his career just yet, especially given Seattle’s stacked defense.

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  • Cool Jack

    Vikings fans (me) will miss him…a complete class player and person….we should have shown him the love….we give a QB 2mil to ride the pines and we can’t give KW the same for all his efforts?…Come on RS….poor call……!!!

  • David Mallow

    The Vikings didn’t offer him a contract because he’s old and doesn’t fit in our new defensive scheme…Joseph and Floyd will be better than Kwill has been fir the past few seasons… I love what he’s done for the Vikes for 11 years,but it’s time to move on….enjoy playing fir Vikings West

    • Peter Smith

      No offense intended here, but usually when you knock a team by saying something like “Vikings West”, its because they take your players, copy your schemes, but are also worse off as a team. The Seahawks are not copying the Vikings, just picking up the value-players your team fails to invest in. And its quite arguable that the Seahawks are an NFL pioneer right now in many ways, with many teams copying us both on defense, and in coach-to-player language, to try and change their respective locker room cultures. A more fitting comparison would be to say that the Jaguars are Seahawks South, or something like that. They took our DC to be the HC, have gobbled up multiple Seahawks castaways (due to financial restraints on our part), are changing their schematics to more or less copy us, and I applaud them for it… Gus Bradley looks like he is making all the right moves! Anyway, again, no offense meant.

      My primary comment is that K.Williams will benefit from the rotation the Hawks use on the DL, as it will keep his legs fresh, and allow him to give %100 more often, something an aging vet should appreciate. Its also why I was hoping we might snag Jared Allen, since it would allow him to stay fresh as well, but he wants to play as many snaps as possible, which is admirable, and of course pays him better, but it won’t help him as much in the long run… the Bears should be good, but not as good as the Seahawks are right now, or would be with Allen in the mix. Sometimes the money is worth more than the ring……

      • johntheonly

        Good points, one and all.

      • Craig Lorenz

        So a few years ago they could be called Vikings west but not now just because they are good all of a sudden? And idk why you’d think the players the Seahawks got are really value players they are mostly all have had their best years behind them, are injury prone or want too much. Sidney rice, Percy harvin, and kwill are all examples of this. Kwill definitely has his best behind him he only played good when placed as nose tackle and he didn’t want to play there. Rice and harvin always are hurt and harvin was a nightmare in the locker room so yeah I’d say Vikings west, it’s not a bad thing but you can’t deny that they have signed a bunch of former Vikings players and coaches.

        • Peter Smith

          And I forgot we have Bevell… and Tarvaris Jackson… so I now have to agree… Vikings West. :)

  • 3kolu

    One of my favorite Vikings of All-time, the best DT of his generation.

    • Peter Smith

      Agreed! I just hope he has a little more left in the tank! :)

  • johntheonly

    As an every down player, maybe it would work. As a motivated rotational defensive tackle, it’s probably what we Seahawks’ fans really need. With two out of four DTs entering their first real year of playing, due to injury; just watching a guy like Kevin Williams, from preparation to on the field performance, can do nothing but help the whole process. And just because a guy is 33 does not mean he has nothing left-the mere fact that he has never been seriously injured should cause a fan to tick off a couple of years on the wear-and tear meter; that might make about 29 in playing terms. This has to be considered a major acquisition of both talent and experience for the team.

    • Craig Lorenz

      He has been injured he just plays through it and his production suffers from it. He’s had nagging injuries the past few seasons

      • Mark Van Dorp

        And that would make his age in “playing terms” go up not down. He’s played a lot of snaps in his career.

        • Craig Lorenz

          That’s what I was meaning mark

          • Mark Van Dorp

            Oh I get it. My bad haha