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Will Middlebrooks testing glasses during rehab assignment

The Boston Red Sox aren’t sure what to expect from third baseman Will Middlebrooks anymore. That is reflected in a number of developments, the signing of free agent (and now injured) Stephen Drew chief among them.

If nothing else, that uncertainty has allowed Middlebrooks and the organization to take a step back and return the focus to his development. The guy is still only 25 years old, after all. The situation also allows them to try some different options to problem solve his struggles.

One such solution? Middlebrooks is testing out glasses during his rehab assignment because contact lenses did not work out very well for him and his vision troubles. Here is what he had to say about it (quotes from WEEI.com):

They were tough for me to hit in,” Middlebrooks said. “They dry out a lot, the dirt and everything. It’s hard to play baseball in contacts. If you get dirt in them, you can’t just wipe it out. You have to get in there with the eye drops and you need someone else to help you. I’m going to try them out. It’s something different and I’ve tried them a couple of times in BP and it’s definitely weird, but it’s going to be a process for me.”

Thanks to Eric Sogard, the Oakland Athletics’ second baseman and near “Face of MLB” this past off-season, glasses are in. Then again, most players probably don’t care what they look like if they start hitting. That is especially true for Middlebrooks given his current situation with the Red Sox.

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