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MLB Rumors: Boston Red Sox an ideal fit for Jeff Samardzija deal?

The Boston Red Sox have struggled for much of the 2014 season. Trying to defend their inexplicable world championship from one year ago, the Red Sox have subjected themselves to extended losing streaks and no shortage of drama thus far.

Even if they aren’t true contenders as the trade deadline creeps closer, it is safe to assume that the Red Sox will be in aggressive in their pursuit of roster improvements. Because they might not be ready to contend this season, a trade for a player whom they would control beyond this year might be an ideal move.

That’s where Jeff Samardzija of the Chicago Cubs would fit. In a video segment yesterday, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports notes that the Red Sox might be the perfect fit for Samardzija. He would bolster the Red Sox for a potential run this season. If that doesn’t come to fruition, he could be the ace of a rotation in 2015 that stands to lose Jon Lester, Jake Peavy, and even John Lackey.

That is the interesting factor that will linger as the trade rumors heat up surrounding Samardzija and Tampa Bay Rays’ ace David Price. While potential trade partners will largely come from the pool of teams ready to win this season, the market will also include teams that have an eye on 2015 (and beyond if they sign either guy to an extension).

From the perspective of the Cubs, that is the benefit of shopping their ace now rather than during his walk year. It potentially increases their haul by keeping teams like the Red Sox involved. That will be an intriguing factor to remember as next month’s deadline approaches.

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  • Willy

    When Ive suggested the Sox go after Jeff Ive been criticized. It seems most people feel he wont continue his good trends and that he would get hit much harder in the AL. Of course those same people dont look at his start vs the Yankees when they bring up this argument. Small sample size but I would go after Jeff if I were the Sox because they have little to no leverage with the pitchers they could lose after this year. Also, the solid pitching prospects they have arent ready to help the top half of the rotation, only the back half and guys like Barnes wont be ready for next year at least to start the season so….

  • Harry Baxter

    If the Sox won’t pay Lester more than $60M for 3 or 4 years, I can’t fathom why they would pay more for Samarjida, a pitcher with a losing lifetime record, an ordinary lifetime ERA until this season, and a wish for a $100M contract. Unless they want Peavey or Buchholz even up in return, I’ll pass.