May 26, 2014; San Francisco, CA, USA; Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija (29) is congratulated by teammates after scoring a run against the San Francisco Giants in the fifth inning at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Trade Rumors: Giants showing strong interest in Jeff Samardzija

It seems a foregone conclusion that Jeff Samardzija will be traded, but now the question is who will get him and what will they have to give up?

Speculation is running rampant about possible landing spots for the Cubs ace, with multiple teams believed to be in the hunt. You can add the San Francisco Giants to the list of teams pursuing Samardzija.

According to Bob Nightengale, the Giants may be one of the front-runners.

At least six teams are interested in Samardzija? That’s music to Theo Epstein’s ears. With that many teams involved in the bidding, the Cubs will score a massive package.

And if they can also flip Jason Hammel, who is arguably having a better season than Samardzija, the Cubs will have themselves a whole ton of prospects to stash in the minors for the next two-to-three years while the big club continues languishing in sub-mediocrity in their crumbling ball park full of drunken, ticked off fans.

If the Giants add Samardzija to their already-formidable rotation? It might be game over in the NL West.

But yeah, you’re right, somehow he’ll end up on the Yankees. That’s what everyone expects, correct?

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  • brian

    its a tough call for the giants. many of their younger guys are stuck in the minors and we ask
    ourselves why? are they a team with no depth? lets drill down a second and see, their AA players
    are certainly valuable, duffy playing way above his paygrade, graham looking good, Mario Lisson
    is now starting to prove his value, villalona is still a huge questionmark, however, even with
    derek law gone for tommy john surgery, they still have some pretty good pitchers, snodgrass
    9 and zero? the precision lefty, blach still holding a decent era, krick showing his stuff but
    lacking in control, Blackburn looking good, fleet having a breakout season, to just cover most
    of them. In AAA heston is pitching the best, berken has the best record, neither has big league
    stuff, kickham has been inconsistent, giving up 9 runs in the first inning then comes back
    his next start and pitches a shutout? lively is having a horrible season, Escobar has not proved
    a lot, other than he can get a lot of strike outs, his control is suspect, de paula has been good
    on occasion, Hembree looks pretty good as he is like Law was, a league leader in saves,
    but the era is off, Runzler has been close to perfect from the left side this year and could
    play big league ball for sure, just like Kontos. dunning off his game. Panik is in the league to
    10 for average, not bad for a guy with an A and AA gold glove. Duvall is leading the league
    in homers, but makes an error per game? wow what a dilemma, susac is back from injury
    and is looking like a guy that has a chance if his defense improves still its the defense,
    brown is having an average year and is in jeopardy of being cut next year, minicozzi has
    hit well since he came back from shoulder injury and is a huge asset able to play virtually
    any position and hit with power from the right side.

  • brian

    what does that mean? well AA is a first place team and AAA is only at 500 and that’s a stretch.
    bochy has people he can bring up, how many teams have bench players that are capable of
    being starters etc.?? I always hear the experts say we have a weak bench. what we have is
    a strong defensive bench. we should be going with a 3rd defensive catcher on our roster but no,
    its all pitching, and it worked, but now that there is no hitting….. if posey and panda played an
    average season, the giants would be in great shape, if belt had not broken his thumb, etc.
    Casillas injury, cains injury, Hudson taking off, pagan has a nagging injury everywhere,
    now poseys back is suspect, scutaro still no where in sight. FAct is its a miracle the giants
    have done this well, and no one should expect it to continue, they passed on Abreu, Tanaka,
    guys that could have made a difference, to sign timmy 19 million a year two years LOL LOL
    no way this judgement could be effective its just insane to think that, Hudson 39, Vogy 37,
    Timmy 30 going on 40, and cain pushing 30, only Bumster is a young pitcher.
    It would be nice to think Bumster, Schmardjia, Crick, Escobar, Blackburn etc. are the future
    rotation, but as it appears now, the Giants will stick with their hand they have dealt themselves.
    to let schmardjia or price go, the giants would have to give up all their prospects because not
    one has prove themselves to be a big leaguer, and the clock has run out on most of them.
    they are college grads with 3 years in the minors, perez adrianza brown kickham etc.
    none will make it, only Hembree and Crick, these two have a chance because crick is
    only22 and Hembree has proven himself in last years call up. the rest may never even
    make a big league bull pen, sad as that is to say,

  • brian

    the giants cannot move Crick or Escobar, Blach or Blackburn, and none of the others
    is a real prospect, maybe Snodgrass, maybe marte, but, im sure the Cubs want
    something to replace what the are losing, we don’t really have that of course.