Mar 21, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Kansas Jayhawks guard Andrew Wiggins (22) dunks the ball ahead of Eastern Kentucky Colonels guard Isaac McGlone (5), Glenn Cosey (0) and Marcus Lewis (12) in the first half during the 2nd round of the 2014 NCAA Men

NBA Draft Rumors: Scout says Andrew Wiggins on LeBron James level

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The Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers own the first three picks in the 2014 NBA Draft and both the Cavaliers and Bucks seem to prefer former Kansas big man Joel Embiid as their top pick.

The Philadelphia 76ers meanwhile have been a little less reluctant to suggest Embiid as a sure thing, seemingly having interest in Embiid’s college teammate, Andrew Wiggins. Of course, it’s hard to tell if the Bucks, sandwiched between the Cavaliers and Sixers are setting up smokescreens to draft Wiggins, which is why the Sixers have reportedly exchanged trade talks with the Cavaliers over the No. 1 pick.

Why so much interest in Wiggins, you ask? Simply because NBA scouts can’t stop drooling over the man many refer to as the ‘Canadian Michael Jordan‘.

Said one Eastern Conference scout: “He doesn’t run. He gallops. He glides. He flies.”

Said one Western Conference scout: “As a basketball athlete, he is on a LeBron James/Russell Westbrook level.”

Said an Eastern Conference executive: “He runs and jumps as well as any of the athletes that we have in our league now.”

From a pure athletic standpoint, Wiggins as a rookie would very well be one of the best athletes in the game and would have no place to go but up which is why the Western Conference scout delivered such high praise.

Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t flaws within Wiggins’ game though we’ve seen a lot of players use their athletic advantages to make them elite players in the league.

Like with any draft pick, there’s always risk, especially for a guy with a game built off his physical gifts though Wiggins looks to be a real deal and a potential franchise superstar if the stars align correctly.

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