NBA players read mean tweets (Video)

There is a lot of positives that come out of being a professional athlete; Your job is to play the sport you love, you can dedicate your life to shaping and mastering your craft, and you are widely adored by thousands of fans.

Okay, so maybe it is hyperbole to say that athletes are widely adored. In this day and age, being a professional athlete means that you are scrutinized, criticized, and disparaged on a day to day basis. With social media activity higher than ever before, athletes are now lambasted by keyboard warriors over Twitter, Facebook, or any other type of social media.

With the NBA season coming to an end last night, the focal point of the sports world has been on the NBA playoffs and finals for the last month. Late night TV show host, Jimmy Kimmel, recently set up a special NBA edition of his widely acclaimed “mean tweets” segment and it is absolutely hilarious.

Listen to Dwight Howard, Paul George, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose, and more read the mean tweets about themselves in the video below:


Here is to hoping more athletes will read their mean tweets in the months to come. Could a World Cup edition be next?

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