Alaska baseball game delayed due to wandering bear (Video)

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An American Legion game in Juneau, Alaska had to be briefly delayed when a giant bear appeared outside the ball park. The bear doesn’t appear particularly aggressive or menacing but I guess the teams didn’t want to take any chances so they shut it down until the bear cleared out.

This just in: The Chicago Cubs have contacted Alaska Baseball Bear and offered him a contract to become their new closer. If the bear can’t strike batters out, he can at least maul them.

This just in: Joe Maddon has announced that he will spend the next three days living in a den with Alaska Baseball Bear in hopes that the bear’s spirit will enter his body and give him the power to motivate his team so they can finally get out of their slump.

This just in: Alaska Baseball Bear is very worried about Justin Verlander.

This just in: Alaska Baseball Bear thinks the Yankees never should’ve let Robinson Cano walk.

This just in: People in Alaska aren’t nearly as accustomed to the sight of bears as I would’ve thought. It’s Alaska, aren’t there bears all over the place?

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