BMX Championship returns to United States

The USA Cycling association says the 2017 BMX world championships will return to the United States in 2017.  The U.S. last hosted the event in 2001.  In 2008 it became a part of the summer Olympics.

Since 2001, the championship has been held in Brazil twice, Australia twice, the Netherlands twice, France, Canada, China, South Africa, Denmark, New Zealand, Belgium, and Colombia.  This will be only the 2nd time the U.S. has held the event since 1996.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the event will take place between July 26th and July 30th in Rock Hill, South Carolina at a still under construction BMX Supercross track.  There are expected to be 300 pro riders at the event and over three thousand amateurs.

The United States’ Randy Stumpfhauser leads both men and women in medals with 12 total.  He has four gold, five silver, and three bronze. In 2nd Christophe Leveque of France has four gold and two bronze.  The Unites States holds third and fourth place in all time medals.  Kyle Bennett has three total but three gold for fourth while Donny Robinson holds the third place down with four gold and four total.

Gabriel Diaz of Argentina holds the most gold medals for the women with four and seven total.  Sarah Walker is close behind with three golds but has nine total medals to her career.  No U.S. women are in the top eight rankings for medal winners.

The U.S. leads all nations with a total of 24 gold medals, 22 silver medals, and 23 bronze.  A total of 69.  France is in 2nd place with 66 total medals.  21 of which are gold.

The sport is governed by Union Cycliste Internationale.