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Drew Pomeranz punches chair, breaks hand, lands on disabled list

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Have you ever tried to throw a punch and/or an object with your non-dominant hand? When it comes to punches, that is a recipe to look pretty silly unless you are a trained fighter.

I am trying to imagine what it looked like, then, when Oakland Athletics pitcher Drew Pomeranz punched a wooden chair with his non-throwing hand after a rough outing on Monday night. Either he did a lot of damage or this was a case where the chair won, because Pomeranz fractured his hand and was placed on the 15-day disabled list.

According to Jane Lee of

A’s lefty Drew Pomeranz was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a fractured right hand Tuesday, and the hurler revealed the injury was brought on by punching a wooden chair following Monday’s disappointing outing.

“I just let my emotions take over me, and I did something stupid,” said Pomeranz. “It sucks. Obviously, I didn’t mean for it to happen. It sucks because I want to play, I want to pitch. I’m trying to win games and help the team out. Obviously, I’m not helping the team out when I do something stupid like that.”

It is especially unfortunate given the timing in the arc of Pomeranza’s career. After a frustrating two year stint with the Colorado Rockies during which he was never able to get things on track or stick in the rotation, Pomeranz looks to have found a home in Oakland. Through 17 appearances this season (eight of them starts) he has a 2.91 ERA and a 5-4 record.

If Pomeranz has this kind of “stupid” outburst in him, you would think that he was leaving chairs in his wake week after week during his stint in Colorado. Instead it was just one bad start here, and now the A’s are without the 25-year-old lefty for a while.

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