Jun 15, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (21) speaks during a press conference with his children Sydney (left) and Draven (right) after game five of the 2014 NBA Finals against the Miami Heat at AT&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

What the internet looked like the first year Tim Duncan won the NBA title

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Bleacher Report has fired up the wayback machine for a nostalgic trip back to the internet of 1999, the first year Tim Duncan hoisted the NBA championship trophy in his powerful-yet-delicate hands.

Yes people, Tim Duncan is old and has been playing basketball for a long time.

What did the internet look like in 1999? There wasn’t even any Twitter back then. Facebook was not even a gleam in Mark Zuckerberg’s pubescent eye. What the hell did people even use the internet for when there was no social media?

Porn. They used it for porn. And stealing music via primitive services like Napster, which made its debut in 1999. People also visited the Space Jam official website, just like they do today, but not ironically and not from a Reddit TIL link.

Speaking of Reddit…nope, there was no Reddit. There wasn’t even any Myspace. There were just a lot of  crappy GeoCities sites with dancing babies and flying toasters in the background because stuff moving in the background seemed cool (for reasons that anthropologists will one day puzzle over). And of there were course silly-looking early versions of popular websites.

Yahoo! circa 1999 was…actually rather pleasantly uncluttered and appealing compared to today’s Yahoo! with all its ads and links and other bullcrap.


AOL.com? People used AOL in 1999. Because they hadn’t yet learned to scorn it.


The NBA’s official site was, um, functional. Mookie Blaylock!


There were corporate sites too. And they were just as useless and lame as corporate sites today. What exactly is the Legend of Grimace Island? Why the hell does Grimace need an island?


I can practically hear the dial-up sound and smell the stale old-lady-fart odor of the library. Oh 1999 internet. How charmingly no-frills you were. I sort of miss you. And yes, Tim Duncan is old.

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