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MLB Rumors: New York Mets in position to sell aggressively at trade deadline

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Parity has become a hot topic in Major League Baseball this summer. Rightfully so. A quick glance at the standings in both the American League and the National League reveals a situation in which at least seven teams are within six games of the second wild card spot. In the AL that number is nine, with only the Rays clearly out of the hunt.

That second wild card means teams have reason to cling to hope later into the season. It might be August before many mediocre teams finally admit that the playoffs are not in their future. This creates an interesting dynamic at the trade deadline. Most teams think they are buyers while very few are willing to admit they are sellers.

With that in mind, certain teams might be in position to proactively and aggressively sell in order to get significant returns in trades for available players. Should the New York Mets, currently 6.5 games out of the second wild card, be one of those teams? Joel Sherman of the New York Post suggests that they should, looking to trade pitchers like Bartolo Colon, Dillon Gee, and Jon Niese:

The Mets should try to trade at least two of three among Colon, Gee (when healthy) and Niese, mainly for position players who will help no later than next year. The tightness of playoff races should aid the Mets.

Sherman then notes that the Mets could find possible trade partners for Niese in the Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers and that they could possibly deal Colon to the Baltimore Orioles or Toronto Blue Jays. In each case those teams have position player prospects who might not be far from the big leagues who could complete a deal.

Assuming the Mets are willing to concede that they are not a playoff team this season, they are in position to acquire good value on the trade market while most of the rest of the teams in the league dream of a post-season run.

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    No fire sales this year the east is a weak div and nobody should sell. Think buy! Trade for Matt Kemp or Andre Either.

  • Herman_Metswille

    Agree with the comment and not with the article. The East is weak, and the Mets could contend. The starting pitching has been great, the relief pitching is coming around, and Collins actually made a good managerial decision the other day. Problem is the hitting is abysmal. You just can’t have all those people at the bottom of the order hitting under .200. Maybe when Lagares returns, and d’Arnaud can hit at least something like he’s doing at Vegas, all we’d need is one more bat to contend for a wild card spot.

  • Vincent Hall

    I would like to see 2015 starting pitching with Matt Harvey, John Neise, Dillon Gee, and Zach Wheeler. Why would you trade away young pitching for prospects? The only one to trade to me would be Bartolo Colon.

  • halflink123

    Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make. Even if the Mets pull off a deal, what could they really get that would substantially improve their prospect base? The Mets have legitimate prospects for every position, granted some are a ways away. The Mets most glaring need is SS but they will have Matt Reynolds coming up fairly soon. They have a decent OF mix already with EY, Lagares, and they have Brandon Nimmo coming up in 2015 or 2015…so the Mets don’t really need to make a deal, they can just wait for their farm to mature.