May 5, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat president Pat Riley speaks about Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (not pictured) after James received his fourth MVP award at the American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Riley on the Heat: ‘We need to retool’

Two championships. Four Finals appearances. It’s safe to say the first four years of the Miami Heat “Big 3″ were a success. But if the Miami Heat want to continue that success, it’s gonna take a rampant change to the current roster.

“You’ve got to stay together, if you’ve got the guts,” said Pat Riley, Heat team president. “You don’t find the first door and run out of it if you have an opportunity. This is four years now into this era, this team. Four finals — it’s only been done three other times before — and two championships. From day one to the end, it was like a Broadway show. It sort of ran out of steam. And we need to retool. We don’t need to rebuild. We need to retool.”

“And that’s what we’re going to do.”

While it may sound easy for the Miami Heat to reboot for the next go round, there’s some work for Riley and Mickey Arison to do.

First on their list will be getting the Big 3 back in Miami. While each of the three have the opportunity to opt into next years contract, that same opportunity will allow them to test the free agency market. LeBron James is guaranteed to have the entire league chasing him. Chris Bosh will have a handful of suitors. Heck, even Dwyane Wade won’t go unnoticed in free agency.

Second will be convincing those same three to take a pay cut which leads to the third step: filling out the roster. Everyone on the Heat not named Norris Cole is a free agent–or has the potential to be one–this summer. That means the starting point guard and power forward position needs filling along with the entire bench. It’s going to take work, but if Bosh, James, and Wade take reasonable pay cuts that could allow the team to acquire a four star like Kyle Lowry.

Pat Riley is a telling man. He knows this team needs to improve and, obviously, isn’t afraid to say it. But that task may be much harder than it sounds.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    First Anyone who refers to Miami’s James, Wade and Bosh as the Big 3 i
    cannot take seriously because everyone knows its the Big one, a barnacle
    and another barely holding on to Lebron coat tails by his claws

    first thing i would say to Pat is…. if you are going to call out
    players for not having “GUTS” why not take the lead by showing some
    GUTS yourself !!! and stop being a COWARD and let Mario Chalmers know
    your are referring to him, Right? or maybe it was directed to Wade and
    Bosh but I am sure Pat would not lose any sleep if Both Wade and Bosh
    opt out and went elsewhere

    Before Riley calls out anyone he
    needs to ask himself if he did the best job possible surrounding the
    beat player in basketball with the right pieces and Riley needs to ask
    himself if i gave him the best coach possible and after these finals the
    entire basketball community witnessed what i have been saying for years
    , that Spoelstra is not very good he is Mike Brown 2.0 and the 2.0 is
    the difference in rings only because Erik “curly, larry and moe”
    Spoelstra had better players…

    Lebron needs to ask himself
    also… what is more important to him, Wade’s friendship or rings,
    because Lebron has 5 prime years of basketball remaining and Wade is
    washed up, and there are 10 plus power forwards i would rather have on
    my team than Bosh….

    For the Heat to be successful going forward….
    1. Wade needs to take a major pay cut and a bench role
    2. They need a point guard, backed up by Chalmers or Coles keeping both would be a waste.
    3. The Heat needs a shooting guard / swing man to replace Wade’s spot in the lineup
    4. Once again the Heat needs a Bigman to help on the glass and put in few easy baskets down low
    Finally, they need to do something about The Stupidity of Spoelstra –
    he has clearly proven in game management / player subs are not his thing
    and last time i checked that was a major part of being a head coach…
    either fire him or get someone to take over that duty full time… in
    short FIRE SPOELSTRA…. the guy is 2-2 with the best player on the
    planet !

    Miami needs a lot more work that Pat is leading
    on…. Lebron covers up a lot, One player should not be forced to lead
    the team in scoring, rebounds, assist and be the teams best defender 4
    years in a row…. What are you paying the other guys for… That’s all
    on Pat “brain rot” Riley, If Lebron was smart he would go to a team with
    all those issues, who cares what other say about you jumping ship…
    You did way more than your fair share…and Pat you Jack A33
    a certain owner in Cleveland tried calling out Lebron before and it did
    not turn out too well for him, don’t make the same mistake

    Lebron claims he has great people around him, lets see the sort of advise they give him now !