Apr 8, 2014; Tampa, FL, USA; Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf (3) against the Tampa Bay Lightning during the second period at Tampa Bay Times Forum. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Trade Rumors: Maple Leafs offering Dion Phaneuf for No. 1 pick?

The NHL Draft is next week and teams are starting to hammer out plans to move around the top of the order, specifically with the No. 1 overall pick which is held by the Florida Panthers.

One team that has had the serious hots for that No. 1 pick is the Toronto Maple Leafs and they continue to try and figure out a trade offer that will work for both them and the Panthers that sees the No. 1 pick head to Canada.

According to the Toronto Star, the Maple Leafs are still very interested in the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and are looking to offer Dion Phaneuf as well as the No. 8 overall pick to try and wrestle the top pick away from the Panthers.

There has been much talk the past two weeks about the Leafs’ willingness to trade up in the draft, including a deal with Florida (Phaneuf mentioned again) for the top overall pick.

There’s no saying that the Panthers like this deal, but it’s an intriguing offer to say the least. With this trade, the Panthers lose out on the top prospect in the draft but can land a decent one at No. 8 and have Phaneuf to try and make the team a more attractive landing spot. Should the Panthers hire Dan Bylsma, then all of a sudden Florida isn’t such a bad place to go play hockey.

A lot can happen between now and the draft and there’s  more than just one team looking to acquire the pick. But the Maple Leafs are determined and Florida has options when it comes to where it wants to go next with the direction of their franchise.

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  • Andrew

    I like that deal as a Leafs fan. I’d like it more if the Leafs could keep #8 too and offer Phaneuf and Kadri. Either way it would hurt for a year or two, but it could really help long term. If the deal went through, the Leafs could offer Subban a huge offer sheet, which I imagine MTL would match and if not it would cost the Leafs a ton in draft picks, but with the added prospects (the first rd draft pick(s) from this year) and Subban, the Leafs would be pretty close to a legit threat in the East (still a long way from threatening the West perhaps, but it would be a start). In all likelihood none of this will happen, but as a Leafs fan dreaming is all I really have.

    • Andrew

      I also cheer for England, da Bears, and the Jays, so life just sucks (I know the Jays are in first in the AL East, but they’ll find a way to screw it up).

  • Tennis Newz

    i don’t see how having Phaneuf eating up a ton of cap space to play on the 2nd defensive pairing on a team with a limited budget so they can’t sign much depth, is more attractive than if they just signed Ekblad, had a comparable player to Phaneuf within a couple seasons, and were paying him like $6M less so they can add a few more pieces to team that’s been terrible for long enough that they’ve had enough really high picks to get some young talent. Brining in a contract like Phaneuf’s would make sense if his actual dollar value was much lower than his cap hit and the Panthers wanted to get to the floor, but that isn’t the case. Of course, if Florida wants to make this deal, Toronto should jump at the chance to both get a good young prospect and to get rid of Phaneuf absolutely stupid contract.

  • Stan Smith

    For a player that gets a lot of flack from fans and media as being so bad, there seems to be a lot of interest from other teams in Phaneuf. I personally don’t think a $7M hit on the cap is that bad for a player that eats up as many minutes against top opposition as he does. Having said that, would I be pissed if he was dealt? Probably not, as long as they got a decent return. The question is, do they have someone that could step in and take up his minutes? At this point in time I don’t think so. There are probably players out there they can get to replace him, but at what cost?