Jun 17, 2014; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Storm Johnson (34) carries the ball during the first day of minicamp at Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Scout says Jaguars' Storm Johnson 'turned a lot of people off'

Former UCF running back Storm Johnson could have been a third round pick says Bleacher Report’s Dan Pompei, had he not torpedoed his own draft stock by being a bit of an asshat.

Scouts say Johnson had at least third round talent coming out of college but plummeted to the seventh after demonstrating severe attitude problems during the draft process. Issues for Johnson included missed flights to team visits and being late to meetings. One scout told Pompei that Johnson “turned a lot of people off” with his behavior.

Johnson dropped all the way to the seventh where he was finally taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who will reunite him with college teammate Blake Bortles.

After originally signing with Miami, Johnson ended up at UCF where his two productive seasons put him on the national radar screen. The 6-1 back will compete with fellow rookies Beau Blankenship and Terrance Cobb, as well as journeyman Jordan Todman, for playing time behind presumed starter Toby Gerhart.

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    I guess anyone can write an article. Even an “AssHat”!

  • Johnny Luttrell

    “Seems to me Johnson’s attitude problems should help him fit right in with the Jacksonville culture, especially the fanbase, which is filled with knuckleheads as we all know.”

    Dan Zinski…..I’d say that sounds like a dumb polack name for sure, and with your idiotic opinion inserted at the end just shows that the name fits you well.

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    what’s funny is that this moronic writer doesn’t even know the culture jacksonville is trying to create with the hiring of caldwell and bradley. the last thing they are going to do is bring in knuckleheads, especially ones drafted in the 7th round, to potentially undermine what they are trying to build. f’ing asshat zinski.

  • Matthew

    i hear dan zinski likes transvestites to slap their sausages on his face.