Jan 28, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Robert Sacre (50) defends against Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) during the first half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Lakers could trade Marcus Smart to Pacers for Roy Hibbert?

The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t likely to trade their No. 7 pick prior to the NBA Draft (despite their desire to do so) but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be content with keeping their pick after the selection.

Looking to expedite a return to the postseason, the Los Angeles Lakers are said to be coveting a veteran which they could place alongside Kobe Bryant and given their cap room, attempt to re-build the team in a season or even two.

Given that, the Orlando Sentential’s Brian Schmitz believes the Lakers could draft Marcus Smart with their seventh pick but then immediately trade him to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Roy Hibbert.

The deal does make some sense for the Lakers given their lack of interior presence though it seems a little less likely for the Pacers, who despite a rough postseason, still likely see value in Hibbert. Then again, if the Pacers feel they are to lose Lance Stephenson in free agency and would prefer to have a smaller salary on the books by alleviating the potential Stephenson contract (or using him in a sign-and-trade) while also removing Hibbert’s hefty deal, it could make sense if only from a financial standpoint.

All in all, it’s a deal that does seem rather unlikely though there are benefits for each side. It would also hinge on the fact of Smart actually dropping to the seventh pick, which probably seemed like a strong possibility before Joel Embiid’s injury. However, given Embiid’s likely fall, it would be a bit shocking to see Smart last until the seventh pick.

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  • Dakota

    This is just dumb to even suggest.

  • Ron

    Bad trade for the Lakers as Hibbert showed his lack of heart in the playoffs. Not a championship caliber player can’y rely on him in the big game.

  • LAL

    The dumbest trade rumour I’ve heard so far.

  • thomas rickard

    Funny that this rumor has no spin anywhere else, it borders on absurd, I’m not sure I’d trade Sacre for him, what have you been smoking.

    • Kevin Harris

      He was second in the NBA in defensive win shares, made the allstar squad, made all defensive team. The Pacers were the league’s second best defensive team. They won 56 games and went to the ECF. What have you been smoking?

      • thomas rickard

        First he played in the east, post ASG he was terrible, no matter what stats say, he didn’t pass the eye test,or weren’t you watching the playoffs.

        • Kevin Harris

          Well if you would like to look at just their play against the Western Conference, the Pacers were 18-12. Of those games, 16 were road games, which accounted for 8 of the 12 losses. They beat the Thunder, Nuggets, Blazers, Warriors, Clippers, Rockets, Spurs, and Grizzlies this year among others.

          Roy Hibbert had 5 or more blocks against western conference teams this year in 30 games this year. You must not have watched the regular season, or last year’s ECF when he averaged 22/11 against the Miami Heat through 7 games.

          • thomas rickard

            If he is so great why are they getting rid of him, beware of Bird bearing gifts, after ASG he became a head case, I heard an interview with him, were he admitted he didn’t know what was wrong, Indiana can keep him

  • J Taylor

    Really…. Has the media hit it’s lowest point yet?
    Spreading baseless rumors should be criminal.
    When will fan sided get an editor to at least review the writings of it’s army of hacks?

  • ALamont

    This has to be the stupidest trade rumor I have ever read…lol sure The Lakers would trade a promising dominant Point Guard for a Center who just played like a 65 year old man in the playoffs… lol

    • Kevin Harris

      Look at a list of the last 30 nba 7th overall picks and tell me how many of them were NBA All Stars. How many of them were all defensive first team? Its not like the Pacers weren’t a good team this year, or Hibbert was holding them back. They won 56 games and he was fundamental to their defense.

      • thomas rickard

        I think this rumor has set a record, everyone against you, we haven’t forgotten watching Hibbert, going 0-0 in playoff game, he was so bad is own team didn’t know what to do with him, Indiana went from having best record, for most of first half, to 5th overall by end, granted he had a lot of help, but the fact remains, the couldn’t score at the end, Hibbert looked lost, this article has generated 7 negative responses, against you.

  • p.rob.

    HIBBERT has no Heart guy plays like his 6’0 tall, he is a garbage big man. Dont touch this guy leave him at Indy please..

  • Dale Snitterman

    As a Pacers fan I agree Hibberts the only All Star in history to post 4 0 point 0 rebound performances in the playoffs. Dudes 7″2 and can’t even average 7 rebounds a game.

    • Kevin Harris

      thats funny because he has averaged more than 7 boards a game every single season he has started for the pacers

  • Alex Shahparnia

    Please never write again

  • thomas rickard

    I’ve finally figured it out, Kevin Harris is writing for Roy Hibbert

  • El Flagella

    As someone who doesn’t like the Lakers I approve of this trade suggestion…ha