Jan 30, 2014; Jersey City, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett (72) at a press conference at The Westin in advance of Super Bowl XLVIII. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett settles with kennel after abandoning his dog

Michael Bennett has settled up with the Tampa Bay kennel where he abandoned his dog after moving to Seattle. A year after dumping his pooch on the Lucky Dog Boarding Facility and blowing town, Bennett has reportedly forked over $10,000 to cover his bill.

No payment will be made to the dog for emotional distress.

The Lucky Dog facility claimed in a suit that Bennett, who bolted from Tampa to sign a $28 million deal with the Seahawks last year, simply vanished after leaving his four month old boxer puppy Koa at their place in 2013. Repeated attempts to contact Bennett resulted in deafening silence.

Finally, after nearly a year, attorneys for the kennel say Bennett handed over a $10,000 check and the matter was put to rest.

As for the dog, TMZ reports that Koa was adopted by a new family and had his name changed to Quigley. The puppy is reportedly “doing great” and has “grown into a healthy, beautiful, smart and friendly dog who’s loved by his new family.”

So things turned out well for Koa/Quigley and for the kennel. I guess you could say they turned out okay too for Bennett, considering the big contract he signed and the Super Bowl ring he won, but now he has to deal with the shame of being outed as a terrible pet owner.

Michael Bennett, you truly truly suck.

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  • RegisHawk

    LOL…another Vikes fan who can’t stand the fact that another team can take their players and win.

    • Dan Zinski

      So you’re cool with a guy ditching his dog?

  • trinity

    Who cares? It’s not like he dumped it on the side of the road. he didn’t want it anymore, so he left it at a doggie kennel on his way out of town. Maybe he should have paid something then, but he’s paid now. It’s not a big deal.

    • Paddy

      The difference is that he’s a multi millionaire who probably could have afforded to help a bit more with the transition than trying to dump it off for free.

      • trinity

        Maybe he simply didn’t want to help a bit more. That doesn’t make him a bad person, it just means he didn’t want the dog. I think he should have paid sooner, but I like that he took it to a kennel. He could have dumped it somewhere dangerous. He didn’t and he corrected his mistake by paying.

        • Paddy

          I know what he did was better than dumping it on a freeway like some people. It cost that place money to do the heavy lifting in finding that dog a new home and he showed his thanks by wasting their time and upfront money by ignoring them until he couldn’t do so any longer. The only reason he finally paid is because he knew he was going to get slapped with a huge lawsuit with court fees. That’s at least how this story portrays it. Perhaps there’s more to the story though.

          • trinity

            Maybe there is. Or maybe you’re right on the money. I have to admit that I’m not concerned. As long as nobody pulls a Michael Vick, then I don’t really care about dogs. I think he should have paid, but I’m not outraged that he didn’t.

  • Erockalypse

    It’s not like he asked Michael Vick to dogsit and bailed town. He did a more respectable thing than a lot of dog owners do when they can’t take care of their animal any longer. If I was offered 28 mil to skip town and I had a 4 month old puppy. Well, it’d be a pound puppy too.

    • trinity

      Lol I agree with you 1000%. I think he should have paid something then, but at least he didn’t just throw the dog aside. I would have dropped mine off too, and i wouldn’t have even felt bad about it.

      • Erockalypse

        I highly appreciate you taking time away from battling endless agents and making whoopey to Ted Theodore Logan lookalikes in the matrix to respond to my post.

    • heatherjoyw

      There is NO reason he couldn’t have made permanent arrangements for the dog, or brought him with him. people move pets cross country ALL THE TIME, he was irresponsible and selfish.

      • Erockalypse

        I have a 14 yr old Australian shepard/red wolf mix. He’s in superior health for his age and immense size. I love dogs and can’t stand people who abuse or abandon them (screw cats) idc. he did neither and I’m curious who is the last person that gave them 10,000$!$!$! when they had a dog dropped on them. You’re too UPTIGHT and need to RELAX. Not everything needs to be negative. Nancy

        • heatherjoyw

          I don’t see how it’s negative to expect people especially people who have an elevated station in society to be responsible towards those who depend on them. To me role models should have qualities such as RESPONSIBILITY and common courtesy enough to pay their bills and support those that they promised to take care of. You’re right he’s no Mike Vick, but there were better ways to handle this situation. If we allow our role models to be irresponsible those who look up to them will be just as negligent and worse. This had a happy ending because money was involved, not every one has 10k sitting around to clean up their messes. Not every kennel will re home some will euthanize,

  • Paddy

    He’s a great player, but that was a BS move. Still, I’m glad he at least left it someplace safe.

  • Aaron

    In the old days it would have gotten a bullet… This is not newsworthy…