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Toronto Blue Jays walk off against Yankees on error (Video)

The Toronto Blue Jays are facing the New York Yankees in a key divisional showdown this week. With the Blue Jays dealing with injuries to key players and a recent losing streak, they are trying to hold off the Yankees at home and remain on top of the American League East.

On Tuesday night the Blue Jays found themselves in a 6-6 game entering the bottom of the ninth inning. Hoping to take advantage of last ups and walk off victorious, Toronto called on outfielder Melky Cabrera to lay down the bunt with nobody out to advance the speedy Jose Reyes to third with the potential winning run.

Cabrera did get the bunt down, successfully enough that the Yankees were willing to concede third base to Reyes. New York third baseman Yangervis Solarte came up with the ball and fired to first base for the sure out. Unfortunately for him and most unfortunately for the Yankees, that throw sailed into right field and allowed Reyes to cruise home with the winning run.

Ironically enough, it was the Blue Jays who spent this game booting the ball around as they committed three errors of their own. But in the moment that mattered it was the Yankees and their suspect infield committing the error and the Blue Jays picking up a key game in the division.

Check out video of the walk-off victory below, courtesy of

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  • Jack Stevenson

    Reyes is becoming a flashy liability. The Marlins trade net us Johnson (gone), Bonifacio (gone) Beuhrle (good but age 35 at 18M ?) and Reyes (age 31 at 16M going to 22M). We lost Alvarez (age 24 with 2.39 ERA at .5M), Hechavarria (age 25 with ,272 BA at 2.2M), and threw away Escobar in the deal. Imagine the starting pitching we could now get with the extra 31M? Reyes talks the talk and walks the walk but judgement is terrible at the plate and in the field and we have years of him left at 22M. This again goes to show how the Jays scouting is poor. Before this deal was made, better analysis should have been done. Johnson was supposedly the prime catch here but that was a bad move and the temptations for the others in the deal overrode a better comprehension of the longer term stakes. As it turns out even this year, Alvarez and Hechavarria are matching Beuhrle and Reyes for far less money.