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Giancarlo Stanton will participate in 2014 Home Run Derby

As captain of the National League’s Home Run Derby team for next month’s All-Star Game festivities, Colorado Rockies’ shortstop Troy Tulowitzki had one job: get Giancarlo Stanton on the team.

Tulowitzki needed to ask Stanton to be on the team. If he resisted or said no, then Tulowitkzi need to ask again and maybe send some gifts along. The Home Run Derby can be tough to watch at times, especially in recent seasons, but you better believe people will tune in to watch the kind of show Stanton is capable of putting on.

Stanton’s home runs have been front and center on a night to night basis during this 2014 season. Many of his home runs are long, majestic drives, while others are laser beams that almost seem impossible, especially when he hits them down in Miami.

There is good news on Saturday, then, as Tulowitzki has confirmation from Stanton that he will participate in the derby. According to Caitlin Swieca of MLB.com:

Of all the awesome Stanton home runs this year, I think this opposite field shot is still my favorite:


Baseball fans are in for a treat at this year’s Home Run Derby, that seems certain. And as far as the new bracket/tournament style derby goes, one imagines that Stanton will be the favorite running away.

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