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Brandon Flowers says he is the best corner in football

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In the spirit of a debate that has gone on for much of the 2013-2014 NFL off-season, Brandon Flowers was asked who the best corner in the NFL is on Monday.

Brandon Flowers answered the question incorrectly.

The interview took place on the NFL Network. When it came to this question, Flowers was given a list of options from which to choose, guys like Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson, and Darrelle Revis. He went with none of the above. His answer? Himself, of course (you can see video of the interview at

Oh, first off, let me just say, I am the best corner in football. Let’s get that clear. Don’t let my injuries from last season remove my name from that list.

Here’s a question. It’s a philosophical question, I suppose. Can one’s name be removed from a list it was never on in the first place?

Flowers is a fine NFL cornerback. He was a stud in his best days in Kansas City and made the Pro Bowl last year. Kansas City’s decision to release him had more to do with finances and scheme than it did anything like declining skills, and Flowers will give a huge boost to his new team when he takes the field for the San Diego Chargers.

This has more to do with the fact that we should not be so inclusive when it comes to these conversations. First of all, the debates in themselves can be silly. Second of all, a true discussion about the best, the absolute best in the whole league, isn’t going to include a bunch of guys. There are really only two, and maybe three, guys who are worthy of such an elite designation.

In this case it is two guys: Sherman and Revis. Sorry, Brandon Flowers. You’re very good, but you got this question wrong.

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