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Dodgers set teammates foot on fire (Video)

Baseball is well known for their pranks. Pranks on teammates is as much a part of the national past time as stealing signs and the unwritten rules. The pranks are almost necessary to withstand the marathon 162 game season they endure.

So who is the victim of the latest baseball prank? None other than the Dodgers Scott Van Slyke. Dodgers teammates were caught on camera sticking matches and a piece of gum to Van Slyke’s shoe, and then attempting to light the matches on fire. Dodgers legendary play by play man, Vin Scully, noticing the prank being prepared, announces to the viewers.

“Well, boys will be boys. A hot foot’s been scheduled”

The entire dug out appears to be in on the prank, except for Van Slyke of course. After a few failed attempts, and anticipation high, it’s Adrian Gonzalez that finally sets the hot foot ablaze. After a few seconds, Van Slyke, turns around, confused by a smell. He asks teammates, about it. Nothing. Then he checks his hat. Nothing. Finally he looks down and realizes what has happened. The dug out erupts into laughter, a successful prank.

The Dodgers were up 6-0 on the Cardinals at the time of the prank and everybody being in on it was even better. Moments like this create team chemistry in a largely individual performance sport. It helps everybody feel like they’re part of the team, and it gets rid of some of that stress a long season brings. The Dodgers are currently 47-37. Their relaxed attitude might have something to do with that.

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