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Miami Marlins deny leaked trade discussions with Houston Astros for Giancarlo Stanton

The Houston Astros had information from their internal database leaked to the public on Monday, the result of a security breach that occurred last month. While the information obtained is fascinating and seems realistic, Houston general manager Jeff Luhnow insists that some of it is fabricated. He has support from an opposing general manager when it comes to the truthfulness of the juiciest rumor in the documents.

The bit that got the most attention was the supposed trade talks between the Astros and the Miami Marlins for slugger Giancarlo Stanton. In the discussions from the leak, it says that the Marlins asked for a package that would start with Carlos Correa and George Springer. At that point Luhnow and the Astros shut those talks down, at least according to the documents.

If true, that could potentially tip other teams off to what the Marlins are willing to consider for Stanton, though a deal for him at this point is extremely unlikely. It is that principal, however, that makes this a contentious issue. Whether to save face or because it really is not true, Marlins’ general manager Dan Jennings insists that those trade talks never happened (according to USA Today):

“That never happened,” Jennings told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s completely fabricated. It’s laughable, what it is.”

In the midst of dealing with this tire fire of the situation, Luhnow and the Astros apologized to fellow general managers about the leaks. No team benefits from having this information get out, after all. But the Astros did also leave their opponents a window to deny the validity of the information, and that is something Jennings was quick to do on the Marlins’ behalf on Monday.

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