Mar 1, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo (9) brings the ball up court against the Indiana Pacers during the fourth quarter of Indiana

NBA Rumors: Rajon Rondo asked Celtics for 100 million dollar contract?

For whatever reason, Rajon Rondo routinely finds his name in the rumor mill. Are the Boston Celtics really interested in trading their starting point guard? Or are other teams attempting to drum up interest in the former Kentucky Wildcat product?

What we do know is that there have been offers for the Celtics point guard. How close the Celtics have actually come to accepting them is an unknown, though if Rajon Rondo did indeed request a $100 million dollar contract extension as has been reported, it’s understandable why the Celtics are open to a possible move.

That’s the word from WEEI who says Rondo asked the Boston Celtics front office for the outrageous figure.

“I think it basically gives you an indicator of what the Celtics want to do,” Maxwell told Yahoo Sports Radio. “Rumor has it that Rondo has asked for a $100 million extension. You’ve got Smart, the young kid, and you’ve got Young, the other kid from Kentucky — both guards. And in the NBA system right now, the way they’re being paid, you would pay both those guys probably about $4 million for one year instead of the $100 million right now that Rondo wanted to ask for.”

Keep in mind, this is an unconfirmed rumor, though given Maxwell’s ties to the organization you can’t help but think where there’s smoke, there may be fire.

Rajon Rondo will be entering the final year of his deal this season where he’ll be paid a much more respectable $12.9 million dollars, a far cry from the rumored extension figure.

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