Sports teams to implement Google Glass

Google Glass, the piece of wearable technology that sits on your face like a set of glasses, is getting closer and closer to mainstream use, and it’s the sports world that is doing the most to bring it there.

According to an article by Jay Cohen of the Associated Press, more sports teams are going to implement the use of the device this year as a way to bring fans closer to the action. The two teams specifically named in the article were the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL and Indiana Pacers of the NBA.

Using an application for the device called CrowdOptic, teams are now gaining the ability to give fans in the stadium or arena an up close experience they have never had before.

“The focus has been through sports at large, how do you get people using their phones to interact during the game?” Rob Laycock said to the AP.  “What’s nice about Glass is that it’s keeping your focus on center stage, you know main court, with the scoreboard right above it.”

The Eagles will be the first NFL team to use the CrowdOptic application with Google Glass. The team is planning  to use the application and device to provide fans multiple field-level views on the main video screens throughout the game. The Pacers are expected to implement the same feature for their home games this year as well.

This will, hopefully, allow the fans to become more immerse in the action than ever before with the feeling that they are currently investing their time and money into watching. And, as Laycock said, this could allow teams to help get fans off of their phones while play is going on.

“We’re on a constant search for ways to enhance the overall fan experience at Lincoln Financial Field,”Brian Papson, the vice president of marketing for the Eagles, stated. “So what caught us is that this is a creative, different, new innovative way to do that.”

If the use of Google Glass to give fans a new way to experience the games turns out to be a success, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least to see more and more teams start taking advantage of the technology as early as next season.

What do you think of the potential Google Glass experience at sporting events? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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