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David Ortiz: Chicago Cubs should play fewer day games

Give Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz credit for this: he isn’t short on opinions this season.

Ortiz has expressed his thoughts on suspensions, the Tampa Bay Rays, whether or not the official scorer should have given him a hit, and the unfair nature of the Red Sox schedule. Now he has his sights on a different target. With the Red Sox taking on the Chicago Cubs in a series at Fenway Park, Ortiz says that the Cubs should play fewer day games.

As quoted by ESPN Boston:

“Believe it or not that’s one of the biggest issues for that organization to become a winning ballclub,” said Ortiz, who signed as a free agent with the Red Sox in 2003 after six years with the Twins. “When you come down to the Cubs schedule it’s a game-changer, believe it or not. They play so many day games at home and then they have to travel to another city and adjust themselves to the night games.”

Ortiz seems to have harsh schedules on his brain.

Granted this might be a fair point. Most of us have never played big league baseball, after all, and so we don’t know the rigors of a travel schedule and how that might be changed by playing so many more day games.

It’s still an odd cause for him to take up, however, especially considering the tradition associated with day games at Wrigley Field. This might be a legitimate consideration for the Cubs, but it seems unlikely that the catalyst for that dialogue will be the opinions offered by Big Papi.

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