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Phillip Daniels says Redskins wouldn't let him do his job as player development director

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Phillip Daniels spent a year as the Redskins’ director of player development, a job that entails helping players with personal matters, money issues and other non-football-related stuff. But Daniels says that when he was doing that job, he wasn’t really doing that job, because the Redskins wouldn’t let him do that job.

In fact, the Redskins didn’t let Daniels do much of anything as director of player development, the implication being that the Redskins don’t really care about their players as anything but commodities to be exploited.

Daniels told Two Guys and a Goat podcast (via PFT):

There’s a lot of things that other people in my position on other teams, they got. I just say it like this: I never had a budget or anything like that. I never had that. I couldn’t do things for the guys’ families that I wanted to do. I wanted to help the guys out in every way possible. There were a lot of ideas I had that could have made things a lot better for the players and their families, and I just couldn’t do that.

Daniels says he was basically ignored by head coach Mike Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen. The personal slight to him is one thing, but Daniels says this kind of stuff catches the attention of players and may affect the Redskins’ ability to retain free agents. Daniels said:

I’m gonna tell you this, a lot of times, when families come to that team — if those wives are unhappy, if those girlfriends are unhappy, it makes a big difference on whether they stay or not when free agency comes around. Because they’re gonna be the first ones to say, if the money’s close, let’s leave.

Sour grapes from Daniels or another stark reminder that the Redskins organization is absolutely the worst sports-related organization on the face of the earth? You be the judge, internet.

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  • april walker

    As a Redskins fan for 30 years, I would say “sour grapes” a year or so ago but a lot of things have been in press over the last year that Im beginning to wonder. I will say this is very hard to believe. The team doesn’t care anything about the players?? Never thought anything would take my fan card away but if I knew this was true, this might make me turn mine in! BTW, glad you included Bruce Allen in this or everyone would pile a little more on Shanahan. Another thing that I wasn’t happy with how was handled. Another tale for another day…HTTR