Nov 1, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders (8) shoots the ball against Boston Celtics center Vitor Faverani (38) during the first half at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Sanders rumors: Milwaukee Bucks not ready for trade?

There’s no doubt that when Larry Sanders has his head on straight, he’s a very talented player. But for whatever reason, the Milwaukee Bucks power forward just can’t keep his emotions in check and has turned into somewhat of a problem child both on and off the court.

Despite that, blessed with immense talent, rival NBA teams have been intrigued with the prospect of trading for Larry Sanders and for the past six months or so, the rumor mill has churned out nothing but prospective trade scenarios involving the young big man.

However, now with Jason Kidd as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks organization, it seems that rumored desire to potentially trade Larry Sanders is cooling off, this according to Bill Ingram who notes that general manager Jeff Hammond isn’t ready to give him up yet.

In the oddest of ways, it does make some sense considering his value is not going to get much lower than it currently is. Add in the fact that Kidd wanted to trade for Sanders when he was coaching the Brooklyn Nets and maybe there’s the sense that a Hall of Fame level player will be able to straighten out Larry Sanders’ path.

Whatever the case may be, despite continued trade rumors involving the block machine, it seems as if the Milwaukee Bucks want to give it another go.

Of course, that could be nothing more than a smoke screen in hopes a team will offer up more assets in effort to trade for Sanders, though that doesn’t seem very likely.

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  • Phil Watson

    The Bucks GM is John Hammond, not Jeff Hammond. That said, it does make sense for the Bucks to at least try to rehabilitate Sanders as a player.

    • James Tillman

      What does anyone think of the way Kidd left the Nets for the Bucks?

      • Phil Watson

        I have no problem with how he left the Nets–he tried to pull off a palace coup, got caught and turned down in his quest for more organizational power and he obviously had to go. Usually when the Russians in Brooklyn say they’re done with you, they find something floating in the East River, so Kidd got off pretty easy.

        But the way he went to the Bucks was reprehensible. The coaching community is a tight-knit place and when things come to an end in Milwaukee (I say when because about 1 in 30 coaches actually leave on their own terms), he might have trouble landing another NBA head coaching gig for awhile. He violated the golden rule of the coaching fraterity–thou shalt not covet, politic or maneuver for a job that is held by someone else.