Apr 14, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Nick Young (0) shoots during the second half against the Utah Jazz at EnergySolutions Arena. The Lakers won 119-104. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks Rumors: Hawks intersted in Nick Young

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to find ways to bring back any free agents they can who will be productive for them and they want to ensure that they can lure in other free agents as well. A lot of focus ha been spent on Pau Gasol and his future in L.A. but another fan favorite could be on his way out the door as well.

Nick Young, dubbed Swaggy P by fans and everyone who knows him, is hitting the open market this offseason and that’s something that the Lakers are monitoring as other teams are starting to emerge as interested in signing Young to a new deal this summer.

According to Dave McMenamin of ESPNLosAngeles.com, the Atlanta Hawks are on of several teams to have shown an interest in free agent Nick Young but there are no indications that a deal are close from what McMenamin is reporting.

Nick Young heard from Atlanta along with the Lakers, as well as “several other teams registering interest,” according to his agent, Mark Bartelstein.

Young was one of the only respectable players the Lakers had on Roster in 2013-14 and that’s something that has registered with teams around the NBA. Young is the type of player you can see on a contending team and see producing on that team in the postseason.

He didn’t get a chance to show off that skill set of his this season as the Lakers thudded way short of the playoffs but there is still interest in Young from what he was able to do in the regular season and do so against the backdrop of one of the worst Lakers teams we’ve ever seen.

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  • liquidvizions

    That’s the problem with the Hawks. They ALWAYS INTERESTED in top players.. But they 9/10 never get the deal done. It’s been a age old problem. We need a BIG TIME center. What you bet we don’t get it though.

    • Falcon4me

      Name 5 big time centers in the league let alone the east?I agree with you getting a center and putting Al back at forward and milsap at Small forward would be beneficial, but other than Monroe and Kevin love(not possible) what would we have to give up to get these players. Worst case scenario for the hawks they sign milsap to better extension and make two or three small time mid level exception to make the team better.Lets face it Al our franchise player and finding someone better than him to join our team going to be nearly impossible via trade.

      • liquidvizions

        You get Kevin Love and don’t give up nobody. He’s a free agent ain’t he? Pay him what he wants and get it done. All i know is i kept hearing about alllll this money we were gonna have when we got rid of Joe Johnson. Ok well start f’n spending it already!!!

    • Adam

      Why do we need a big time center. We run an uptempo offense that is built off shooters. That would make 0 sense

      • liquidvizions

        And where has that gotten us????????? EXACTLY. We need a center and not some washed up has been or never been.

        • Falcon4me

          I could make a argument that 25 plus teams need a center. the don’t grow on trees and the ones available aren’t really centers. I think we have the perfect team for what he wants to hawks want to do.Run the ball and play half court defense just like the spurs do.I notice when the spurs beat the heat every time heat missed the shot they were pushing the ball up the court before the heat could reset their defense. That what they want to do as a squad they have the milsap and horford they just need depth. Also adding some guy who can create their own shot or at least wiling to take the final shot at the end.

          • liquidvizions

            The point is we’re just happy making the playoffs because we do absolutely nothing to go further. We supposedly have all this money now after freeing up that HUGE Joe contract. Etc… Yet are we even TRYING to go after someone like Melo? No. Like I said. We’re happy just going to the playoffs and nothing more. Our actions show this constantly.

            And don’t give me none of that Melo wouldn’t come. Maybe he wouldn’t. But to not even try and get him is absolutely disgusting. It’s the same ol thing with The Hawks year in and year out. Mediocre is all we’ll ever be until we make some BIG moves for a change.

            New owner. New Coach. Same program. Call it what you want, I’m calling it exactly what it is.

            As far as Horford, and I love the guy, but who can even trust him to stay healthy anymore? I don’t want him gone but I’m just saying you can’t build around him because he isn’t that reliable. And let’s face it, he isn’t all that anyway. He has his spurts but then he can look awful for games on end.

            Just saying we need to quit being so cheap and get some big time players here if we ever wanna get anywhere. And sadly The Hawks just prove that they are not gonna do this. Only reason we even make it to the playoffs is because we in the East. But that’s besides the point. Our issues can be fixed… But I see no signs of anyone remotely trying to fix it.

          • Falcon4me

            Melo doesn’t fit what the hawks want to do that’s why their going after Deng because he does the one thing melo doesn’t try to do play defense. I’m all for going after big names but we had that in ISO Joe and that didn’t work out. The hawks have one thing that all the teams with ample money don’t have. A point,forward, center all on reasonable trade friendly contracts. Melo was never coming to a hawks even if they asked he wants a huge sports city and atlanta may never be that.

            The hawks aren’t being cheap their being smart for the first time in the history by making sure they don’t invest the moon into a Trevor Ariza type trap. If the heat get disbanded With team we currently have now I grantee we can beat wizards for the division. Trust in our GM ferry and not be concerned about flash.Look how far that got the Brooklyn nets nowhere.

            As far as horford goes he hurt a pectoral not he’s knees,ankle or back which are nba killers.Let not go overboard withe the injury plague player label when the guys only been hurt twice in his 8 year career.He still our face of the franchise untill they prove other wise.

          • liquidvizions

            That was just the Hawks being mental. Joe Johnson was never no big name. And when they gave him that INSANE contract after all them years with us… Well that right there showed how mental we were. Mind you they did this just a few years ago after we had him and knew he was mediocre at best. What do the hawks do??? Turn around and pay him the biggest contract in the NBA at the time!!!! That alone is just beyond insanity. We also chose Marvin Williams over CP3. Face it. Outside of a player here and there The Hawks just stink at the whole process of getting players. And I get that was the old owners doings but im not seeing much different.

            It also amazes me that you say they not being cheap. Yes they are. Why would you not go after Kevin Love knowing dam well we need a Center and he would come here because it ain’t like Minnesota is some glitz and glamour. So he would actually probably love being here. See there. My point. The Hawks are cheap.

            And you missing the point that Horford didn’t get those injuries spaced out. He has had them back to back seasons. It’s an issue. As far as him being the face of the franchise? No. I’m giving that to Teague. He has more than earned it.

            Teague. Korver. Milsap.

            They are the only players I trust. And as much as I like all 3… That is FAR from going deep in the playoffs. Because even if Miami busts up. Winning the division in the NBA doesn’t even ever factor in 90 percent of the time. Especially when it comes to the hawks. They can go and win homecourt at someone elses house and they’ll just go back home and blow it. They’ve shown us this a few times now.

            So yeah if you think someone like Deng is the answer… Good luck with that. Like I said. we go after good mediocre players at best. And where as Melo probably wouldn’t come here it’s the point we don’t go after him. Ever since Howard shut us down the hawks are scared of denial. I for one STRONGLY believe that Kevin Love would come here. AND WE NEED A CENTER. Yet are we even trying to go after him? Nope. Same old Hawks. We haven’t had a good center in eons. No wonder no one misses one. No one remembers what it is like to even have one. Lol

            But it’s cool. I’m sure we’ll rock n roll like always and go get us some over the hill washed up fat center like we always do. And then wonder why we can’t rebound. Block. Etc. Yeah maybe because you can’t stop going after players ready for social security. Not to mention the ones we get wasn’t even that good in their heyday. But hey, that’s how we roll.