Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy has a tooth fall out in the middle of a game (Video)

Announcer Jerry Remy had a tooth fall out of his mouth in the middle of calling Wednesday night’s game between the Red Sox and Cubs at Fenway Park. What ensued was a five minute comedy routine between Remy and his partner Don Orsillo that I swear to God could have been written by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

Remy seems remarkably undismayed by the fact that his teeth are randomly dropping out of his mouth. His partner is tickled almost to the point of hilarity.

Orsillo proposes that Remy try to put the tooth – actually a cap, but who’s keeping track – back in by himself, but Remy is hesitant. Remy says he’ll go in to the dentist on Thursday’s off-day but Orsillo says why waste an off-day on a trip to the dentist?

And it just escalates from there. In the middle of the mayhem, Mike Olt of the Cubs blasts a home run deep into the seats above the Green Monster. But screw that baseball stuff, Jerry Remy is turning into a zombie on the air. That’s where the real action is.

Tune in next time to see which random body part Jerry Remy will lose. Is Vegas taking action on this? I want to put $100 on Remy losing an ear. The man is a science experiment. He’s Seth Brundle out there.

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